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Mortal Kombat revisited?

MortalKombat.jpgWe should stop being surprised really, but there's still some left in the news that there could well be another Mortal Kombat on the horizon, or a remake, re-visitation, re-imagination, or whatever.

The rumour is that the video game series Mortal Kombat, which I think I'm right in saying we've seen now in four films and two television series, could well be getting another edition.

Oren Uziel is the man who is being associated with writing the film, although be aware that it is in the early stages and there's no more news or official confirmation, but it does seem to be happening.

Bloody Disgusting have the rumour that Warner Bros. are about to "redo" Mortal Kombat, and that does suggest a remake. The story of Mortal Kombat is the same as all these fight tournament stories. A group of fighters gather together for the ultimate fight championship. However with this one there's a slight difference, the winner decides the fate of the planet.

If Oren Uziel is the man writing the script then there's some strong weight behind it already as his script for Shimmer Lake made the Black List last year, that's the list from Hollywood of the scripts that are the favourite of Hollywood executives (and/or their assistants!).

Still, this would be a surprise, we're still waiting for the next Mortal Kombat film to arrive this year. From director mink and writer Sean Catherine Derek. Mind you, looking at the web site for Mortal Kombat: Devastation it would seem that this version is still in very early stages.

Please though, don't make a 3D version. Actually, I couldn't be bothered if there's a Mortal Kombat film or not. I'd like to see a film like this though, but not one so tied in with the fate of the planet. Let's have real fighters, real fights (well stunt fights), for real outcomes i.e. a winner for money, a trophy, criminal record clearing, or some such thing. I'd rather not see this go into a CGI fantasy epic but stay in a reality based one, and for that it means something other than Mortal Kombat.



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