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Mostow written female Psycho remake

JonathonMostow.jpgNews comes today that Jonathan Mostow has written a story called House at the End of the World that sounds very much like a new version of Psycho. Of course logline comparisons like this are made all the time, but the comments here are hard to ignore and do sound like they are intending to modernise Psycho, again.

The film is set to be directed by Mark Tonderai and adapted from Mostow's story by David Loucka, and one of the surprising facts is that Tonderai previously directed Hush, and so this doesn't sound like a half hearted attempt.

Aaron Ryder, one of the producers on the film, through Variety and Empire, said of the film:

"We believe this will be to 'Psycho' what 'Disturbia' was to 'Rear Window,' but with the addition of a strong female lead…"

Now that's the worrying quote. While I can't find much out about the actual story, other than it's a psychological thriller, and that it's in the vein of Psycho for a younger audience.

Oh dear me, this does sound bad doesn't it? While Disturbia turned out to be a lot more than we expected, I'm not sure adapting Psycho for a younger audience and dropping in a female lead is really going to give us a strong film.

I am so hoping that the comments here comparing it to Psycho are actually producers trying to sell the idea to studio executives and banding around the loglines that made the executives get all excited at the meetings, and that the real story bears little resemblance to that idea.

However, what are the chances of that?



I like Mostow (although I wish he hadn't directed Terminator 3), but David Loucka's writing isn't exactly the best. The only interesting thing about this is having Tonderai direct.


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