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New From Paris With Love unrated trailer online

FromParisWithLove-Travolta.jpgThere's a new trailer online for the action film From Paris With Love that ramps up the action, violence, glib one liners and the swearing, and frankly it looks fantastic fun.

I know people are picking holes with certain bits of the scenes and action already, but you know what? Sometimes action films are just intended to be taken as fun action films and nothing more. Enjoy this superb trailer.

What this trailer shows off more of is the character that John Travolta is playing, and quite frankly he's insane, but in a great, classic action hero way. Personally I love his performance in the trailer, and together with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, they look like they really work well together.

Here's the new From Paris With Love trailer for you to marvel at, really though, they haven't gone too far have they?



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