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New Planet of the Apes film not dead?

PlanetoftheApes.jpgIt was thought that when the announcement came that Scott Frank had left the production of Ceaser, the new film in the Planet of the Apes series, that the film was over. Not so it would seem.

The studio are apparently still moving ahead with the project, although it's not clear if it's Scott Frank's version which turned away from the books and the film series to begin an entirely new franchise.

You'll remember that we first heard of the remake back in November 2008, and the word then was that it was going to be a remake of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes film, not Planet of the Apes, however when we heard that a director was assigned, and when it was announced to be Scott Frank we learned what his story was to be about.

The idea would be to totally divorce this film from any of the others beforehand, ignoring the previous explanations of how the intelligent apes had begun to rise in modern day Earth, something which I thought was a wickedly clever idea, he had made the film about genetic engineering and it would tell how humans created the first intelligent ape.

It's a clever idea, but was it right to drop the stories before? Well Latino Review who have the latest rumour that the film isn't dead aren't sure why Frank was let go from the project, but he was, and at the time I wasn't convinced the film was dead, and here's what I thought at the time:

I'm not entirely convinced that the film is dead. Looking at the direction of Scott Frank's film, the studio might be felling a little scared of the idea. They've already done one Planet of the Apes away from the original series, okay, technically it was the one that was nearer the original story than any of them, but that film wasn't a success.

Imagine when the executives sat down with this remake and it read nothing like the original films, I bet they were reliving the Burton version in their minds and the panic spreading across their faces.

Perhaps what we've seen is the studio clearing out Scott Frank's remake and wanting to return to the original series. Maybe it's not dead and we'll hear of someone new taking on the task, and when they announce theirs, it will sound much more like the original Apes.

I still think that holds true and that we could well be looking at the studio wanting to return to the original reason that the apes became intelligent on Earth, a source idea which I think is a superb one to go back to and rebuild the series from a different angle.

Do you want more ...of the Ape films? Which direction do you think they should go?



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