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New The Bounty Hunter trailer online

GerardButler.jpgAs the U.S. sites would say, this is the International trailer for The Bounty Hunter, and that means a trailer for some other part of the world outside of the U.S., anyway the new trailer is here and it's looking and sounding much better than the previous. With this trailer I'm kinda interested in the Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler starring film.

This new trailer looks a lot of laughs, I love the new piece of music they've chosen, the much snappier editing, now this film is looking a bit more than the average romantic comedy in dire situations, in fact it's looking like there could be a bit more action than I first thought.

Okay, I've gone and talked all about the film in the opening two paragraphs and I've nothing else to say here. Let's recap.

This may well turn out to be a remake of the British film The Bounty Hunter which is written by Sarah Thorp, she also wrote this version of The Bounty Hunter just a year apart. Coincidence or remake?

This one stars Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, whereas the British one starred Raza Jaffrey and Shivani Ghai.

I wonder if this is a new record too, if it is a remake (which it really does look like) then there's only a year between the two films and both are still in post production. At least both are by different directors though.



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