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Noel Clarke talks Heartless preview

Heartless.jpgA trailer for the horror film from Philip Ridley called Heartless has arrived online, well it's not actually a trailer, that popped out naturally as I was writing about a clip, it's actually footage of Noel Clarke talking about how great and clever the film is before we get to see some very short shots of it in action.

It stars some good names, Eddie Marsan, Jim Sturgess, Timothy Spall, Noel Clarke, Clémence Poésy, Luke Treadaway and some other good British talent, and it's written and directed by Ridley, who also wrote The Krays.

The horror film follows a man called Jamie Morgan, played by Jim Sturgess, who has a large birthmark upon his face. It affects him physically and mentally and is something that he would get rid of in a heartbeat. He discovers that amongst the gangs of his neighbourhood there are demons, real life demons, and looking at the comments from Noel Clarke in the clip it would seem that he makes a deal with the devil to be good looking and remove the mark from his face.

However this deal comes with a price, and the devil wants him to become a killer in return for his good looks.

Update: Before I even wrote this I was looking for an image for the post and came across Jim Sturgess Online where there's a slightly better, and slightly different, blurb for the film:

Jim Sturgess plays a young man born with a heart-shaped birthmark on his face. Witnessing his neighborhood fall under the sway of street gangs, the marked individual makes a Faustian deal with a local gang leader that he sees in the image of a demon. Whether the gangster is really a supernatural creature or just a dark human being doesn’t matter; it sounds like the shots we see in Heartless are phantasmagoric and creepy.

Here's the self promotion from Clarke followed by some clips of the film through Bloody Disgusting, it's not enough for a decent trailer, but there's something here to get us interested.

I wonder though, with the film having been made last year and another month until release, can't we get a proper look at the film?



Heartless is released May 21st ... not in Feb

They had better update their IMDB profile then, it clearly states February.


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