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Noel Clarke's trailer online

NoelClarke.jpgNoel Clarke wrote and co-directed with Mark Davis, Clarke wrote Kidulthood, wrote and directed Adulthood, won last year's Orange BAFTA Rising Star award, and yes he was Mickey Smith in Doctor Who. is the story of four different girls, shown in three separate days, across two different cities, all given one chance. Or so the tag line says. Behind all that is the story of four girls involved in an unconventional heist, although you wouldn't be so sure of that from the trailer.

The trailer for, which has actually been out for a while, looks confusing as hell and seems to advertise it on a few key points, the dialogue is all comedy and then there are plenty moments of scantily clad ladies, sex scenes and a lesbian kiss. Well that's the target demographic reached, but what about the film? The story?

I can tell you the cast is interesting. There's Noel Clarke himself, and the four girls are Emma Roberts, Tamsin Egerton, Ophelia Lovibond and Shanika Warren-Markland. Then there's names such as Mandy Patinkin, Michelle Ryan and Eve. Interesting cast indeed.

I just wish the trailer was better than a series of shots through the film that suggest a robbery in shot number one and then just turns to a montage. Still, from the previous films from Clarke you probably know what to expect already.



What you see above you is not a trailer. It is only a teaser (promo) specifically designed to as the article says... Well, reach the target demographic. The actual trailer will be put out nearer the films release and will be an actually trailer, as opposed to images and music.

If you also believe for a second that i would make the same type of film, and again and as the article also says, have you "Knowing what to expect already" you are very mistaken.


I think you take that "knowing what to expect" as a negative, it was far from it, I'd put that in as a positive to counter what I was getting from the teaser. It was definitely not there to suggest that we were going to see the same thing again.

When can we expect the trailer to put me right!


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