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Phobidilia trailer intrigues

Phobidilia.jpgI was looking through some trailers for the last few days when I came across Phobidilia, a film about a man who has suffered a very emotional breakdown in public and vows never to leave the house again. However the outside world starts to come visiting him and threatens to destroy his solitary existence.

The film looks rather interesting and the trailer suggests something darker might begin happening as his solitary life is threatened. See what you think.

Phobidilia comes from directing duo Doran and Yoav Paz and is adapted by Izhar Harley from their own novel. Before the trailer, here's the full blurb:

After suffering an emotional breakdown in a public place, a young man vows never to leave his apartment. He quickly discovers that in today's world all his needs can be easily met: sex via the Internet, food by telephone delivery and entertainment by television. Four years later, his idyllic existence comes under attack when Daniela, a free spirited girl comes into his life while Grumps, the building's real estate agent, informs him that the apartment is about to be sold. Our hero refuses to leave his kingdom and decides to fight till the bitter end.



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