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Update: Piranha 3-D trailer bootlegged online

Piranha.jpgThe trailer for the upcoming Piranha 3-D has been bootlegged and uploaded online, and while it's not that great and won't spoil your enjoyment of the full version, it does look rather good fun and I could imagine actually watching and enjoying it.

Still, the fact that there's so much happening up against the screen makes me think it's built for the 3D gimmick rather than being made in 3D.

As Avatar (Filmstalker review) was clearly the high end of being made in 3D, all the current run of 3D films are just there to throw things at you and the script is built around that.

Perhaps though they'll calm down and not do that, here, although early indications are that there will be some 3D action going on, and not just at the pool party scenes.

Seriously though, is Piranha 3-D really going to be worth seeing? Mind you the screenplay was written by, and the film directed by Alexandre Aja, and it stars Richard Dreyfuss, Elisabeth Shue, Dina Meyer, Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames, Adam Scott, Jerry O'Connell and Kelly Brook. Definitely a few good reasons to give the film a chance?

Here's the trailer which comes through Bloody Disgusting, see what you make of it.

Update: A better bootlegged version has arrived online, and while there's a little interest, it does have that closing scene that screams “throw things at the camera”.



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