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Red Riding Trilogy of U.S. trailers

RedRiding.jpgPreviously there was just one trailer for the American release of the Red Riding trilogy, now there are three, each one showing the different focus of the respective stories, and each one from a different director.

Mind you, if they didn't feature that voice over then it would be even better. However the good thing is that they are probably the clearest trailers we've seen for the trilogy, that is unless you're in the UK and you've already seen them.

For everyone else here are the three trailers:

Red Riding: 1974

Red Riding: 1980

Red Riding: 1983

The films come with great British casts and follow three men who, through the course of the three films, each investigate the case of the Yorkshire ripper, dealing with everything from the horrific crimes to rather large police cover-ups.

Red Riding: 1974 is directed by Julian Jarrold and is led by Andrew Garfield, Red Riding: 1980 is directed by James Marsh and is led by Paddy Considine, while Red Riding: 1983 is directed by Anand Tucker and led by David Morrissey. There are tons of other great actors in the three films and they are definitely worth watching.



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