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Repo Chick trailer online

RepoChick.jpgThe sequel to Repo man has arrived, and it's looking rather strange. Well when I say rather strange, I mean incredibly strange. I'm not convinced that the film is set to cover the same ground that Repo Man did, nor is it set to become the same type of cult film that it did.

There's certainly no Emilio Estevez in it, and judging from the trailer itself I don't know if it's set to do much of anything.

Here's a synopsis for the sequel before we go any further:

As a repo chick, wealthy bad-girl Pixxi and her entourage get mixed up in a devious kidnapping plot that threatens to wipe out the city of Los Angeles.

The trailer comes through Cinematical and Quiet Earth, and QE has some reservations of it, as do I, and they're a big fan of the original Repo Man film.

It seems that this is a loosely termed sequel, and Alex Cox's Repo Chick stars some names - Jaclyn Jonet, Miguel Sandoval, Chloe Webb, Xander Berkeley, Karen Black and Rosanna Arquette.

I don't know, really. I'm not a huge fan of the original as others are, and this looks terrible to be honest. The trailer is choppy and tells no real story, and it looks cheaper than a cheap thing. Comedy indeed, but any good?



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