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She's Out of My League trailer shows promise

AliceEve.jpgThere was a great moment of She's Out of My League, the trailer was building nicely and looking like a lot of other films, nothing too exciting, then there's the moment with the ex-boyfriend revealing who he is and I was laughing, it was a cool twist. Then it had to forget some of the clever lines and moments that came before and abandon it for the dull, standard closing lines.

Okay, get over it, Alice Eve would melt the trousers off your legs, and just did, perhaps these standard American comedy sex jokes are just a tiny part of it and the majority is the fun part.

Oh, and by the way Moodle is a Learning Management System used throughout the world, doesn't everyone know that? Ahem...ermm...I mixed jobs up there for a moment.

Seriously the trailer for She's Out of My League does look promising, although it does fall down at the final hurdle hitting the usual low points of American sex-based comedies, yet the film looks as thought it might have something a little different to offer, and not just Alice Eve and Jay Baruchel.

Here's the trailer.



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