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Update: Spider-Man prequel rumoured directors?

Spiderman.jpgThe rumours of Spider-Man the reboot prequel have begun, and names of directors are being banded around already with all the big names being thrown at it, names such as James Cameron, David Fincher, and Wes Anderson, names that are obviously never going to be making the film.

So the emergence of a name such as Marc Webb, the director of (500) Days Of Summer, seems a lot more reliable than anything else I've read so far, however it's still rumour.

According to reports the studio has a wish list of directors, well I have a wish list of fast cars I want, a wish list is something very different to what actually happens, we've seen that time and time again in other films where we start hearing about wish lists from the studio for directors or for casting.

Still, the story comes from Deadline Hollywood Daily through SuperheroHype, and tells is that their sources know that Marc Webb met with the producers and executives about the reboot of Spider-Man. I imagine though that there will be plenty of directors meeting with them over the next while as one after the other pitch their vision for the reboot.

Further rumours tells us that the film will be shot in 3D, no big surprise there, everything's going that way at the moment. So that means plenty of shots of Spider-Man flying and shooting web right at the camera. Great.

Apparently Webb is liked for the way he understood how to depict and understand young people, how they think and feel, and that's what they want for the new Spider-Man, the younger, teen version going through school.

Who knows who will end up directing the film, but will it be someone who can stand up to what the studio want? Or are we just going to get a teen-friendly Spider-Man?

Update: As always with insider sources, take this with a pinch of salt. However it's an interesting rumour that there may be another in the running with Marc Webb for Spider-Man the reboot prequel, and that name is Nimród Antal , the director behind Vacancy (Filmstalker review) and Armored (Armoured) and the long awaited real Predator sequel (perhaps), Predators.

According to Quiet Earth their source tells them that Sam Raimi met Antal before he made Vacancy and they connected. Now with Vacancy passed, and Raimi hiring him to direct Armored, and with the early comments coming from the Predators production, Sony and Raimi are apparently interested in Antal for the job.

Now that also suggests that Raimi is sticking with the franchise in a production capacity, and that would kind of dampen any idea that they were seriously arguing and at deadlock over the future so that Sony and Columbia just cut all ties with him, wouldn't it?

Who to believe?



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