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Spider-Man reboot director found

Spiderman.jpgWell who would have thought? That's sarcastic by the way, because it was pretty clear all those other crazy rumours for the director of the reboot of Spider-Man were just that, crazy, only one looked like it could be real and that was Marc Webb.

Now it's confirmed by Sony and Marvel, Webb is the one to direct the film and so the rumour makers are turning their hand to who will actually play Spider-Man now, and everyone's being pitched and pitching themselves. Including actors themselves.

The announcement for Marc Webb is everywhere and it confirms what the original rumour was saying about the studio wanting someone who is a little more focused on the way younger characters are, and considering (500) Days of Summer, that's the rationale for Webb.

In a statement from Associated Press through USA Today Webb said that it wasn't a take over from Sam Raimi, but that it offered the...

"...opportunity for ideas, stories and histories that will add a new dimension, canvas and creative voice to Spider-Man."

Still, the biggest thing we should be talking about is if the way for Spider-Man to go is backwards and the creation of the teen-friendly version to hit that all important large demographic. The studio says yes, do the fans of the franchise?

Meanwhile the rumours are all over the shop about who will be playing Spider-Man, and the rumours are crazy. We even hear Noel Clarke himself saying that Jim Sturgess has been offered the role as the character. Why would he say that? Well according to Jim Sturgess Online on Twitter Clarke retweeted what actor Arnold Oceng had said about Sturgess, which Clarke is saying does not mean he endorses it, although I think perhaps if you retweet something you actually are endorsing it. No matter.

Sites are all over it at the moment, but it's another air thin rumour. I don't exactly know why Oceng might tweet the idea in the first place, but I would know why Clarke and Sturgess would want to, since they are acting together in Heartless and that's in need of the publicity machine at the moment.

Another rumour, and for me it's far too quickly on the back of the director announcement. What involvement has he had in casting? You would think that Webb would want to cast the film, no matter what the studio preferred. Would Webb have accepted the role knowing that the studio had already cast it for him?

I would imagine that Webb has some script changes and ideas first, and then casting, and then we'll hear about who is playing Spider-Man.



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