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Stalked: Jackson and Duhamel battle angels and demons, Burke and Hare casting confirmed, Scorsese on Hugo Cabert

Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Duhamel are going to battle angels and demons…

The John Landis Burke and Hare casting is confirmed with a few more names…

Martin Scorsese is on Hugo Cabert next…

Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Duhamel are going to battle angels and demons…
Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Duhamel are set to star in a new film about a war between heaven and hell, and these two men having to try and stay alive during the middle of it all. The blurb that Latino Review managed to get a hold of suggests something more, and that there may be more in store for the two characters than just avoiding the fighting as humans. Here's a read:

Caught in the no-man's land between Saturday night sin and Sunday morning redemption, Louisiana lawman Harlan Stark (Josh Duhamel) finds that his intervention into a spectacular crime -the bold attempt to assassinate a charismatic preacher --soon escalates into a cosmic confrontation between Heaven and Hell, where angels are warriors as dangerous as demons. Harlan and his loyal partner Jesse (Samuel L. Jackson) stand at the fulcrum between vengeful good and devious evil, with neither side showing anything like mercy. Harlan must find the courage to break the cycle, and reject fanatical revenge -yet he too finds himself transformed. Outrageous, violent and subversive, this new adventure in horror from the director of Remember the Titans is sure to be controversial. SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL blends the seductive sensuality of Angel Heart, the genre-bending audacity of Pulp Fiction and the relentless intensity of The Omen when all hell breaks loose in New Orleans and the sacred becomes as deadly as the profane.

Sounds interesting, but no word on director of other details as yet. Mind you anything with Jackson in it and you have to be interested.

The John Landis Burke and Hare casting is confirmed with a few more names…
As confirmation of yesterday's rumour, David Tennant is indeed off of Burke and Hare and Andy Serkis, is on. To add to the cast list Tom Wilkinson and Isla Fisher have been announced as cast in the John Landis comedy horror about the infamous murderers and grave robbers who sold the bodies of the dead to Edinburgh Medical University for their experiments. Wilkinson is to play the doctor looking for more cadavers, and Fisher is to play Pegg's girlfriend. Keep your eyes open Edinburgh and London, filming begins on the 31st in both cities according to The Hollywood Reporter through Collider.

Martin Scorsese is on Hugo Cabert next…
Confirming the earlier story, Martin Scorsese is filming The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) next according to Variety. This will be Scorsese's first child friendly film so expect a huge adult slant on it too. We first heard about the project back in 2007, but it was earlier this month we heard it might be his next.



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