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Stalked: Knightley leaves My Fair Lady, Held by the Taliban not happening, Mr. T in the A-Team, Saw a Devil, Strong in Green Lantern

Keira Knightley has left My Fair Lady...

Held by the Taliban production all lies?...

Mr. T in the A-Team after all?...

Choi Min-sik and Lee Byung-hun in Saw a Devil...

Mark Strong cast in Green Lantern?...

Keira Knightley has left My Fair Lady...
Keira Knightley has left the production of My Fair Lady, no surprise really as although she was attached for some time now, and all through the period when Joe Wright and Danny Boyle were attached and stuck with the production even after each of them left. She was set to play the role of Eliza Doolittle, but not any longer.

According to The Daily Mail through Cinematical, she has left the production, or as they say, taken herself out of consideration for the role as it was just taking too long, especially as she was never really confirmed for the part. Perhaps she herself was just a rumour for the part too.

Mind you, the British tabloids have given us their fare share of rumour fuelled stories before, however it's not unrealistic to imagine that she would want to leave the project, nothing is happening on it. You can read all on the film right here on Filmstalker.

Held by the Taliban production all lies?...
I'd written about, and been rather excited by, the idea of Kathryn Bigelow directing Held by the Taliban, the story of the New York Times reporter being held hostage by the Taliban for some seven months and his colleagues, both on the NY Times and other newspapers, keeping quiet about the story to try and ensure his safety.

Well according to a spokesperson for the NY Times through MTV, it's all lies. Production Weekly seems to have made the story up from nowhere according to them.

"This report is inaccurate. There is no movie deal...There is no deal and no one is attached to the project."

So where did the story come from? I don't imagine that Production Weekly are ones to just pick stories from random sources and put out half hearted rumours are they? Perhaps they have just pre-empted the decisions or the negotiations, and the NY Times are playing hardball?

Mr. T in the A-Team after all?...
Could Mr. T be in The A-Team. after all? He already denied it rather strenuously and was adamant that there was no need for him or no benefit for him to be in it. However UGO through CinemaBlend were talking to the director Joe Carnahan earlier and apparently he's not writing it off just yet, does this sound like the Arnie-Terminator story? Perhaps he's just going to be seen as a flashback moment, a scene from the television series, or maybe even a photo?

"I don't know that he's not, brutha, I don't know that he's not! That book is not yet closed. Benedict and Schultz are in it, the thing with T is that he's very vocal that he didn't want to play anyone other than B.A. . . I've been reading, and I don't know why I read the things I read, because literally half of it is made up, but. . .there's this legacy."

The legacy he refers to is that of Mr. T being linked with the B.A. role and Rampage himself being cornered on playing Mr. T all the time. Frankly though this sounds like a director keeping the door open for the star in the hope he might return before the end of shooting.

Choi Min-sik and Lee Byung-hun in Saw a Devil...
Director Kim Ji-woon has cast Choi Min-sik, the legendary actor from OldBoy (Filmstalker review), and Lee Byung-hun, who was just seen in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and prior to that starred in The Good, The Bad, The Weird (Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom), in a film called Saw a Devil. Byung-hun plays a man pursuing a psychopath, played by Min-sik, who killed his fiancée according to Variety.

Mark Strong cast in Green Lantern?...
Mark Strong, the superb British actor, is apparently in talks to portray one of the main villains in the coming Green Lantern film - aha, the multiple villain ploy. According to the Variety story he's set to play Sinestro, if he gets the role, the mentor of Hal Jordan who becomes the Green Lantern. He joins Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, with Reynolds playing the Green Lantern, and Peter Sarsgaard also in talks to play a villain, Dr. Hector Hammond.



I don't see Sinestro playing a villain role throughout the film. Sinestro was a good guy in the beginning and defecets. I can certainly see this starting off slow and him turning towards the end setting up the sequel.

Well the rumours are now refuting this role. Who knows what the exact truth is yet.

Cheers for that Brad, I didn't know Sinestro, I'm not a Green Lantern follower. Are you? What do you think of Reynolds?


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