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Stalked: Oz remake plot, Penn back in Three Stooges, Death Race sequel casts lead

The writer of The Wizard of Oz sequel, Oz: Return to the Emerald City, has revealed a plot.

Sean Penn has returned to The Three Stooges film.

The Death Race sequel, Death Race: Frankenstein Lives, has a new Frankenstein in the guise of Luke Goss.

Some plot detail have come out about The Wizard of Oz sequel, Oz: Return to the Emerald City. Written by Josh Olson, he reveals the outline for the as yet unfinished story:

It's a modern-day sequel. The story centers on Dorothy Neil, a bright and ambitious young lawyer for a prestigious law firm in Chicago. Neil is the grand-daughter of Dorothy Gale, who is now an old woman living in Kansas and telling her tales about her time in the land of Oz to a new generation of kids. However, trouble is afoot in Oz, as a new witch is destroying the magic that keeps the entire place running. While babysitting her boss' kid, the kid and Dorothy Neil are brought back to Oz and united with the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and the Scarecrow and tasked with killing an evil witch and restoring order in Oz.

It seems, according to Pajiba through First Showing, that this is not the version of Oz that Todd McFarlane has been talking about. Apparently there were two stories in development and it's Olson's one that has made it forward, so far. His version is a faithful adaptation of the original novels, not McFarlane's version.

There's a lot of history behind them, some of which you can read on here, but really the big thing is this is a faithful sequel, not some darker and more twisted interpretation.

We had heard that Sean Penn had pulled out of The Three Stooges film, but now word is that he's actually back in the production after taking some time for his personal life. According to Bobby Farrelly through The Boston Herald and Coming Soon:

"We got him back...He always said he wanted to do it after, you know, taking care of his family."

That isn't like the mob way of taking care of his family by the way, that does sound rather dodgy! The replacement choice was to be Paul Giamatti, but not now. Benecio Del Toro is playing Moe, and the role of Curly is still being cast.

A lead has been found for Death Race: Frankenstein Lives, the sequel to the recent Death Race from Paul W.S. Anderson, and it's none other than Luke Goss, the ex-front man of Bros (and that's going back a bit) and an actor who'll you'll most recognise with tons of prosthetics from Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Filmstalker review) and Blade II. According to Moviehole he will be playing:

"...Luke, the right-hand man for a notorious mobster, is busted for killing a cop in the process of robbing a bank. Once behind the bars of Terminal Island, the confident newcomer is roped into entering the 'big race' by it's green-eyed producer."

This is a prequel to the previous Death Race film and it's going direct to DVD.



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