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Stalker's Top Ten 2009: Chris Rushworth

10FSReel.jpgChris is the next up with a Stalker's Top Ten list for 2009, and he's gone traditional, a top ten. Nothing wrong with that, and it's a good list, a damn good list actually. However there is an addition to it which brings it up to eleven.

After writing this, Chris went to see Avatar and changed his mind slightly, and so I've amended the list accordingly, see if you can guess where it squeezes in.

Not only has he given us his top ten of the year, but he's also listed the ten most anticipated for 2010. See if you agree.

As always, if you want to submit your list, you can. Just create a list, add at least a sentence explanation about each entry, how you'd like to be known on the published article along with a site link, and email it to me at competition@filmstalker.co.uk, simple as anything.

Now, let's hit Chris' list, with the one amendment.

11: Sherlock Holmes
I saw this when Avatar was sold out i had been planning on seeing next week anyway. It was a really fun movie. Robert Downy Jnr is one of my favourite actors and he doesn't disappoint in this. He's funny and makes the role his own. Jude Law is always someone I'm unsure of but i loved his performance as Watson.

10: Seven Pounds (Filmstalker review)
I never saw this in the cinema but got it on DVD for my birthday. Will Smith is fantastic again. It's director by the same person as Pursuit of Happyness and they clearly make a good team. Was surprised he was nominated for an Oscar again.

9: The Wrestler
I've never been a fan of wrestling but had heard good things about it and I'm glad i saw it. It made me more of a fan of Mickey Rourke and i look forward to seeing him in Iron Man 2.

8: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
This film is both sad and enjoyable with an excellent performance from Brad Pitt. Surprised how it was adapted from a short story into nearly a three hour film.

7: Slumdog Millionaire (Filmstalker review)
This really was a feel good film which left me with a smile on my face by the end. I watched it again recently after getting it for Christmas.

6: The Hangover
I'd heard little about this film before the summer, after watching a few trailers it looked like my sort of film. I'm glad I watched it was a big surprise of just how funny it was. I've heard I sequel is in the works but I'm unsure how about how it will work.

5: Inglourious Basterds (Filmstalker review)
This really was Tarantino back to his best after the disappointing Death Proof. It restored my faith in him.

4: Public Enemies (Filmstalker review)
Johnny Depp made this film a big hit for me. The was he performed made you like him a lot even though he was a bad guy.

3: Watchmen (Filmstalker review)
I'd heard a lot about Watchmen and enjoyed the directors previous film 300. I think Watchmen was even better. I've since read the book and enjoyed it just as much.

2: Star Trek (Filmstalker review)
I've never been a fan of Star Trek. I liked what I'd seen of the new film and I'm a fan of J J Abrams. My friend is a big Star Trek fan and dragged me and a few others to the midnight screening and i'm glad he did. I loved it. It might make me try watching the previous films again.

1: Avatar (Filmstalker review)
I'm always worried seeing films that are hyped up a lot as often they can be disappointments such as Spider-Man 3 and X-Men 3. But this was just fantastic I've always seen one other 3d film and thought it worked really well in this. I thought the story was fine I don't really understand the criticisms of it.

Honourable Mentions - These almost made the list.
1: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus - Nearly made 10 but decided on Sherlock Holmes.
2: Up
3: Funny People
4: Drag me to Hell
5: Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Filmstalker review)
6: Role Models

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review)

Films I missed that really wanted to see.
1: Avatar - hopefully seeing next week [You did - Richard]
2: Harry Brown
3: Adventureland
4: Gran Torino (Filmstalker review)
5: 500 days of Summer
6: Law Abiding Citizen (Filmstalker review)

Most anticipated for 2010
1: Iron Man 2
2: Shutter Island
3: Edge of Darkness
4: Kick-Ass
5: Alice in Wonderland
6: Toy Story 3
7: The Lovely Bones
8: The Wolfman
9: Green Zone
10: Robin Hood

Thanks Chris, a really good list and I agree with a lot of it, although I'd swap Star Trek and The Wrestler on your list and Public Enemies with Seven Pounds. What would you do with this list if it were yours?

If you'd like to see the other Top Ten lists from 2009 and previous years, head over to the Stalker's Top Tens page.



GREAT list! I agree with you in that I don't understand why people criticize Avatar. Avatar is a GREAT movie.

cant believe i missed out Inception in most anticipated


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