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Sympathy for Delicious nine minutes online

SympathyforDelicious.jpgSympathy for Delicious is the first film from Mark Ruffalo that he's directed, the actor is well known, but we've never seen him direct, well you can now and the film has released some nine minutes of footage of the film.

It tells the story of a man who is also a DJ that been paralysed but has also discovered the power to heal people with his hands. The clips are rather staccato story wise, but they do give you a sense of the film and the acting in it.

Orlando Bloom took me a little while to recognise, and there's Juliette Lewis, Mark Ruffalo himself, Laura Linney, John Carroll Lynch, and of course Christopher Thornton in the lead role who also wrote the film.

Here's the nine minute clip of scenes from Sympathy for Delicious that came through The Playlist.

There are some great looking scenes in there, but it's difficult to get your hands round the story because of the way we're pulled in and out of scenes which have no context for us. Treat this as an early promo and just watch the scenes for what they are.

It looks interesting, but I'd like to see more about the story before I start saying how good it could be, there's definitely potential with that great cast and the people behind the film.



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