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Takers worldwide trailer online

Takers.jpgA trailer has arrived for Takers, a heist film that looks like a combination of The Fast and the Furious, judging by the titles, and Heist, judging by the action and the slick attitudes, and in my book neither of those things are bad.

The story sees a group of high-end bank robbers have a plan to steal some US $20 million, but there's a driven cop who has been tracking them and is threatening to interrupt their plan.

Takers looks really slick, and promises to pile on the action, and I really like this trailer especially as it features more of Idris Elba. Mind you it still stars Zoe Saldana, Hayden Christensen, Paul Walker, and Matt Dillon as the cop.

I'm really liking this trailer, although it might just tread on ground that we've already seen before. Mind you if it's that slick and exciting does it matter if we've seen similar films?

Let's see what you think:



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