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Tesco making films

JackieCollins.jpgFor those of you who don't know, Tesco is a huge supermarket chain that does everything from grocery shopping to financial packages, and they stretch as far as Eastern Europe where they sell white goods and financial packages too.

Now they've entered the world of film production, funding films that they will exclusively sell in their own stores with their own money.

The first film they have on their hands is Paris Connections, with an adaptation by Jackie Collins from her own 1999 best seller L.A. Connections. The film will be directed by Harley Cokeliss who has done some television in his time. It tells the story of a journalist investigating the murder of size zero models – who'd miss them? You can hardly see them!

Doesn't sound earth shattering to be honest, however what the article from ScreenDaily does mention is that there are other titles from other authors lined up for the straight to Tesco DVD deal, and that these include, apart from three more “connection” novels from Collins, Dick Frances, Jacqueline Wilson, Philip Pullman and Judy Blume.

Okay, did you see that? Philip Pullman? There's no chance that they might be thinking of continuing the His Dark Materials saga is there?

Actually I don't believe that for a second, and the novels that will be adapted will be far from high budget such as The Golden Compass. Still, it's an interesting move by the retailer, and one which could net them some strong results.

They can not only sell in stores, but they also rent DVD's and sell them online, they could be set to earn a lot of money from a straight distribution deal such as this, but will it earn us any quality films?



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