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The official A-Team trailer online in high quality

TheA-Team.jpgWe had the bootleg version online, despite being asked to remove it I thought it was great advertising and hype for the film, and now the full, high quality version has arrived and I have it in various formats. High quality flash and quicktime, and also in mobile format.

We all know the story by now, and The A-Team trailer has already been seen, although barely, the previous format was grainy, hard to see, and over in a flash, but still it had me excited and enthusiastic as I was when I was watching it all those years ago.

Now it's all shiny and clean, can it still do the same?

Well, here's your chance to find out. The A-Team trailer is below, first in Quicktime format and then in Flash. However if you want to download it, here's a link for the high quality Quicktime version and the mobile version, both high quality and low, if you're saving your data charges.

Let's see what we think now it's in full quality.

Quicktime Version

Flash Version



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