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The Orphanage remake gains director

ElOrphanato.jpgThe English language remake of The Orphanage has found a director, and this remake has some interesting pedigree behind it, including the new director.

The original film, El Orfanato, was written by Sergio G. Sánchez and directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, neither of whom will be involved in the remake. However Guillermo del Toro, a producer from the first film, has written this remake script.

Hopefully that doesn't mean we're going to see more fantastical creatures in the script, but that there's been a careful adaptation of the strong parts of the script and the addition of some harder twists and surprises. It certainly suggests that there's going to be a more powerful story.

He wrote the script along with Larry Fessenden, more known for his acting work, but neither will be directing, instead that role, according to Variety through Coming Soon, goes to Mark Pellington.

Pellington has a couple of directing credits to his name which are quite interesting, ignoring the music work from U2 3D to The Best of INXS, he also carries The Mothman Prophecies and Arlington Road, and while you might think that The Mothman Prophecies isn't the best of films, it does deliver some strong moments, and Arlington Road? Well that's a superb thriller that, the first time you see it, does deliver some great moments, and after that still entertains.

It could be an interesting choice for the film, and if he brings with him what he did with those two previous films then we could be in for a good remake of El Orfanato, especially with that script co-written by Guillermo del Toro.



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