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The Reeds UK horror trailer online

TheReeds.jpgThere's a short teaser trailer online for a new UK horror film called The Reeds from Nick Cohen, the film tells the story of a group of friends who head out on a weekend boating trip where they end up boating around a lake full of reeds, reeds that hide a terrifying secret.

Well, yes I know, it didn't really grab me either, and the trailer doesn't do a great job although it hits a lot of beats that need to be hit there's certainly a few things that could be better. One noticeable thing from the get go is Will Mellor, and for any fans of British comedy you'll know who he is, Two Pints of Lager and a Packets of Crisps anyone?

There are some other recognisable faces in the cast too, although I had to look up where I'd recognised them from, but have a look at the trailer and we see that the horror is about ghosts who don't appear too friendly, and some dead bodies in cages trapped just beneath the reeds.

Here's the trailer for The Reeds from ShockTillYouDrop. See what you think for yourself, but so far I'm not overly excited. Might do Will Mellor some good though.

Doesn't that mirror effect woman just look a bit daft?



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