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Thor loses Fandral

StuartTownsend.jpgThis may not be anything to be concerned about, but there's news today that Stuart Townsend, who plays the character Fandral in the upcoming Thor film by Kenneth Branagh, has left the production over creative differences.

The news also carries a rumour that he's been replaced pretty fast with another actor, a rumour because it comes from two anonymous sources who didn't want to be named. I do find that odd since the news would come out about the actor leaving and it would be in the production's best interest to say they had already recast, no problem.

Joshua Dallas is the name rumoured to be replacing Stuart Townsend. Dallas is pretty new to the scene compared to Townsend, but he is set to appear in Red Tails and just starred in The Descent: Part 2.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story which I'm sure will start spreading across the Interflab as some great doomsayer for the production, however there are a few things to consider when thinking that.

First, the role of Fandral isn't one of the major ones of the production, sure it's the role of a Norse god allied to Thor, but I don't believe it's one of the major characters of the film. Also Townsend is a director himself, and you can imagine creative differences happening between actor-directors much more on a film.

I don't know, but I would be much more concerned if this was one of the major cast roles that was citing creative differences for leaving the production, or perhaps one of the major actors that was leaving. As it is it could well be natural slippage on the film, right now we don't know.

Also who's to say it really was creative differences as we would expect it? I mean that phrase can be used for all manner of things to allow actors to move on from roles and get out of contracts, or to allow productions to move actors out of roles (two rather different things), neither of which we know has happened here, but any of which could have.

I still have loads of hope for Thor, I'm keen to see what Branagh does in the superhero genre.



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