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Closed: Win Whiteout on DVD

Whiteout.jpgI have three copies of Whiteout on DVD to be won, or rather to give away for just answering one simple question. It's a good film too, Kate Beckinsale, Gabriel Macht and Tom Skerritt, directed by Dominic Sena from the graphic novel by Greg Rucka and Steve Leiber.

The film is out to rent now but won't be available to buy until the 25th of January on either Blu-ray or DVD, but I have three DVD's to give away without having to pay the price. It's easy.

The blurb for Whiteout goes like this:

Antarctica. The most isolated landmass on earth. Six million square miles of ice. Six months of darkness. Temperatures at minus 120 degrees and winds at 100 miles per hour. For U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko, (Kate Beckinsale, Underworld, Van Helsing, The Aviator) things are about to get even more dangerous. During the last 3 days of her assignment, as the complete closure of the base for Winter approaches, she is sent to investigate a body on the ice.  Antarctica’s first ever murder.  A shocking discovery in itself, it will plunge her into an even more bizarre mystery and the revelation of secrets long-buried under the endless ice…secrets that someone believes are still worth killing for. As Stetko races to find the killer before he finds her, winter is already closing in. In the deadly Antarctic whiteout, she won’t see him till he’s a breath away.

Here's a trailer to pique your interest too:

The DVD, the one which you could be getting for free, has a couple of extras too:

Whiteout: The Coldest Thriller Ever featurette
Whiteout: From Page to Screen featurette
Deleted Scenes

So, want to own a copy for free? Enter the competition. It's running from now until the 4th of February, and it's simple to enter, just make sure you have a UK address, and answer the following question by selecting the email link below. Simple.

What's the freezing point of water in degrees Celsius?

How simple is that? Now here's the link you need to select to send the answer and your postal address back to me by email. Get entering.



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