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Wolfman troubles all conjecture

WolfMan.jpgThere have been stories across the Interflab about the alleged ongoing problems with Wolfman, and how the studio is off developing a new cut of the film without the director and all manner of suggestions.

It's strange because we've been hearing quite a lot of negativity about the production and if we believed all the rumour about Wolfman then we would be sitting here thinking that it's a complete mess, and yet the trailers haven't backed that notion up.

Now one of the producers has decided to speak openly about the rumours and address them to try and quash them once and for all.

Scott Stuber, producer on The Wolfman, contacted AICN after the stories had been circulating, and he made some very strong points to counter the negative ones. Here's what he said through Latino Review.

The core of it is that it was Joe Johnston, the director, who took in the new editor and that was to help get a fresh pair of eyes on some of the work that still needed to be done. The other work? That was finishing off the effects work, and getting some other scenes into shape that after the test screenings just didn't feel the way they wanted them to.

The studio have never had their won editing room, there were not dual test screenings, just screenings of sequences that they wanted to try differently.

Basically it seems as though they've really been trying to get the film finished and to do it right, something you can't often say about other remakes. The very fact that they're going to the lengths of additional editors, testing different sequences, and extending the release date in order to get more effects completed, are actually good things aren't they? Would we rather they dropped it and passed over the film?

We complain when films and remakes are released and they're rubbish, and yet when a studio seems to show a lot of care and attention over them we're leaping all over it and shouting foul.

The film isn't far away now, not really, and then we'll finally get to see.



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