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February 28, 2010

Sneak peak at Neil Marhsall's Centurion

While attending the Glasgow Film Festival's Frightfest the audience were treated to a number of surprises, all the deleted scenes from Jake West's Doghouse regardless if we'd seen the film or not, and the biggest surprise of all, the first five minutes of Neil Marshall's next film, Centurion. He was...

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L'immortel French trailer online

Jean Reno stars in L'immortel, and the French language trailer is online now, and looking incredibly intriguing. The story is pretty straight up, but for fans of Reno it'll make you drool for some of his best roles. However the trailer has something of a different tone to what you...

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Hitchcock’s Suspicion gets remade?

It looks like Will Smith’s production company is moving onto another remake, and this one is a true classic, we’re not talking another eighties film, this is Alfred Hitchcock’s Suspicion. We already know that there is an attempt to remake The Birds, probably one of the few Hitchcock films that...

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Greengrass ends Bourne, what next?

Paul Greengrass has announced that he’s done with the Bourne franchise, done for good. No more speculation, but the Bourne franchise is over with Greengrass directing. Now if he holds true to his word, as does Matt Damon, that means that Damon won’t be returning to the franchise either, so...

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Jolie out of Gravity?

The news is happening fast regarding Angelina Jolie. Just the other day we heard that she dropped out of Wanted 2, something that might or might not cause the film to die a death, and that she was in Alfonso Cuarón's new film called Gravity. Now that looks like it's...

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February 27, 2010

The Crazies

Film Four Stars
I saw the original of The Crazies a long time ago, but what sticks with me about the classic George A. Romero film was the feeling of impending terror at the masked army quarantining the town and the memory of the horror, such as the scene of the woman pushing...

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February 26, 2010

Wanted 2 dead?

I'm slightly confused at this story, but apparently Wanted 2 is dead because Angelina Jolie isn't wanting to return to the film, she's chosen to make another project, and rather than rewrite the script without her, they've decided to drop the idea entirely and that kills the suggested trilogy dead....

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Jolie to lead Gravity alone

So Angelina Jolie is to star in a film called Gravity, one that is slightly reminiscent of the core of Moon (Filmstalker review) in that it's core character is alone in for the film. It sounds an interesting premise, and a great way for an actor to show what they...

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Madonna's W.E. casting and plot reveal

Apparently a cast is growing for Madonna's film about the abdication of the British King Edward VII that she is writing along with with Alek Keshishian. The film is set to tell the story of Edward and Mrs. Simpson, the famous story of the British King leaving his thrown for...

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How to Train Your Dragon another new trailer online

The new How to Train Your Dragon trailer looks much better than the previous, really going for the story and injecting more drama into it than straight up comedy, however we know that comedy will be there, the last few moments show just that. However the animation looks superb, natural...

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February 25, 2010

Disney persuades Odeon to show Alice in Wonderland

Amazingly, Disney has managed to persuade Odeon in the UK to release Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland after saying that they were not going to allow the film in their cinemas if Disney were intent on shortening the release date between cinema and the DVD in the country. Well the...

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Paranormal Activity 2 by Brian DePalma?

My instant reaction to this story is that someone is having a serious laugh at our expense, I mean the sequel to Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review) directed by Brian DePalma, Akiva Goldsman, Brad Anderson or Greg McLean? It seems an insane rumour doesn't it? Yet the site carrying the story...

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Nightmare on Elm Street new trailer online

There's a new trailer online for the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, and you know what? I like it. Not only that but it captures a hell of a lot of the feelings and themes that the original did, and Freddy Krueger is looking pretty scary, if not...

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Definitive DeLorean film?

There have been three biographical films in development about John DeLorean, the famous car designer and manufacturer who was implicated in drug deals and escaped conviction by successfully defending himself and proving entrapment, but now there's a fourth, or rather a fifth, and this one is set to the be...

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David Goyer to write Superman?

There's been a lot of talk about a new Superman film, but really there's not been that much action. Rumours have flown, and recently we heard that Christopher Nolan was to mentor the development of the next film – note that doesn't mean direct, write or produce. Not yet anyway....

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February 24, 2010

Killer first person thriller

There's a new idea for a found footage film that sounds rather interesting, although depending on how far the first person aspect is exploited might just kill any dramatic element of the story. Killer is a speculative script from Kenny Golde that will see a rogue police investigator discovering a...

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Showgirls: The Return teaser online

There was something about Showgirls that you could at least say was entertaining and had a few things to say about our society, it really did, and there are still people today who view the film as a positive and enjoyable experience. Honestly. I didn't think that though, fun...

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Speedy Gonzales the movie?!

I’m getting bored of saying things about terrible Hollywood ideas, and I’m running out of clichés to start these stories off, especially a story about a film version of the cartoon of the mouse Speedy Gonzales that sported the catch phrase, “¡Andale! ¡Andale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!”. However, here’s the rub, not...

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Matt Damon as Robert F. Kennedy

Matt Damon is set to play another real life historical character so soon after playing Francois Pienaar in Invictus (Filmstalker review), now he's set to tackle someone with that is a lot more recognisable and known in his home country, the brother of a President, Robert F. Kennedy. We...

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The Karate Kid new trailer online

I was rather taken with the previous trailer for the remake and relocation of The Karate Kid, made better in no small part by Jackie Chan seemingly playing it seriously. Well now there's another trailer out for the film and this one keeps the tone tough and serious, and the...

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February 23, 2010

Mission X

DVD Four Stars
Mission X may be filmed in Glasgow on next to no budget, but the scope of the film is rather impressive, and the way that the writer/director/star tackles the film shows just what a strong talent he has to make a low budget film look good and feel bigger without...

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John Twelve Hawks' The Traveller film

Alex Tse is set to write a new science fiction series called the Fourth Realm Trilogy, a trilogy of books written by the reclusive and unknown author John Twelve Hawks (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com). The first book, called The Traveller, and has some interesting concepts and was a huge success. That...

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Chow remaking Lee's Way of the Dragon?

Stephen Chow brought us the excellent Kung Fu Hustle, CJ7, and was set to direct and play the character once played by Bruce Lee in The Green Hornet for the remake, now he’s not in that American comedy any more, he’s set to direct and star in his own western...

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Wesley Snipes returning to Blade 4?

I really hope that this suggestion that Wesley Snipes is set to return to a new Blade film, and that there’s going to be a new Blade film, turns out to be true, for the character, the actor and the films are exceedingly enjoyable and good fun. While he’s been...

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Marlon Wayans as Richard Pryor

As I wrote about before, Marlon Wayans is set to star as Richard Pryor in Bill Condon’s upcoming film about the great comedian – that’s Pryor, not Wayans. It still seems crazy to me that Wayans will play Pryor, and at least Eddie Murphy was a bit more of a...

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Disney pays for Alice in Wonderland in cinemas?

The other day Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was being threatened in Europe on a massive scale as distributors across the UK and Europe were saying they may not carry the film at all due to Disney not shortening the length of time between the release in the cinema and...

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Die Hard V coming next year?

Bruce Willis has revealed that there could be a Die Hard film next year, although he does also reveal that the plans, if there are any, are in the early stages. Through his own comments it's clear that there is no director, no script, and no idea for the story....

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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides gains baddie

While we had a commenter claiming to be a friend of Jerry Bruckheimer on the site saying that the production was dead, two pieces of real news confirm he was lying. The first was that Johnny Depp was talking positively about the film just the other day, and the other...

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February 22, 2010

Writers Guild Awards announce winners and big name exclusions

The Writers Guild of America have announced the winners of their yearly awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay, and to be honest there's not a lot of surprises, but they are great choices. It's worth noting that the winners of these awards are great indicators of who...

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Tennant playing against Isaacs and Newton

David Tennant is teaming up with, or possibly against, Thandie Newton and Jason Isaacs in a new psychological thriller called Retreat. It sounds a cool premise, think Dead Calm with Tennant playing the mysterious stranger, and it's how Retreat is being pitched....

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Will Affleck and Damon work together again?

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon might end up working together again with them both in front of the camera and Affleck behind the camera directing one of the scripts that was on the Hollywood Black List last year called The Trade. The film is about two New York Yankees pitchers...

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Middle Men red band trailer online

Now before I do anything else let me say that this is a red band trailer for Middle Men, that means there's adult stuff in there. Now usually I scoff at this because it's about swearing, or half hearted violence, or some silliness that doesn't really make people bad if...

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February 20, 2010

BAFTA: Live blogging from the red carpet and show

This year I've been lucky enough to be invited down to the BAFTA event once again by Orange. Last year I was blogging live from the red carpet, something I intend to be doing again this year from this page, starting round about 16:00 GMT on Sunday 21st February. If...

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February 19, 2010

Closing Credits: Lionel Jeffries

Lionel Jeffries, the man who wrote and directed the classic film The Railway Children, has died. The Railway Children is one of my father's favourite films of all time, but Jeffries is not just famous for that, he has a few other well known films to his writing and directing...

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Cameron missing out on Terminator?

Of course everyone is going to ask James Cameron about the possibility of returning to the Terminator franchise for another few films, but Cameron is saying no go, he's not that interested. Except when I read what he's saying I have this incredible feeling that he might be missing something...

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Kick-Ass, new red band trailer online

There's a new Kick-Ass red band trailer online, and there's some new footage along with the old, as well as a new cut that delivers a little bit more punch. Not that it needed it, I was already sold on the film before this trailer, but this is like the...

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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps International trailer

I love this trailer for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, not just because the musical choice is so good over the top, but there's so much manliness, testosterone, masked feeling and intention, and Gordon Gekko, aka Michael Douglas, looks like he knows something that the other characters don't in just...

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February 18, 2010

The Invention of Lying

Digital Three Stars
I made a judgement against The Invention of Lying when it was released, for I'm not a huge fan of Ricky Gervais, I always feel he's playing the same character, and I assumed that this film would be more of the same from him. I was, and I'm sure you'll...

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Stalked: Vincent Cassel, Jeremy Renner and Ewan McGregor, Carla Gugino, Ben Stiller, Jeffrey Wright, More American Pie, Mortal Kombat in court

Vincent Cassel is to lead The Monk... Jeremy Renner and Ewan McGregor in Raven?... Carla Gugino joins Dwayne Johnson in Faster... Ben Stiller replacing Eddie Murphy in Tower Heist... Jeffrey Wright joins Source Code... Another American Pie begins... Mortal Kombat film in court and in doubt......

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James Cameron on Spider-Man reboot?

The story about James Cameron helping out on the new Spider-Man film, the one taking the character back to his teenage years, might just be a bit misleading for the film. After I read the story I mulled it over a little, and now I've come out wondering just how...

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Lucas Red Tails reshoot and denials

George Lucas is not the director of Red Tails, let's get that clear first, he's created the story and he's one of the executive producers. The writer is John Ridley and the director Anthony Hemingway, that's something that always bothers me when the film is continually described as George Lucas'...

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Kurt Cobain film alive?

There's been news of a film about Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana, for some time, since 2007 began in fact, but it's only now that it could be taking that crucial step towards actual film development. The biography has had a writer attached for some time, and now...

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February 17, 2010

Riddick III plot details revealed

Although Vin Diesel and David Twohy have been talking about a third Riddick for some time, it was only recently confirmed that there was actually going to be one. Now we're starting to hear more details about the film's story, as during some heated bidding for the distribution rights in...

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Pacino replacing De Niro in cop film

The swapping of Robert De Niro for Al Pacino would once have made a huge story, now it's not so exciting, after all the actors are not what they once were. Especially since the film in question is one about a cop. However there's a tinge of something different here,...

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Doug Liman directing Attica film

Doug Liman is currently researching a new film about the Attica state prison riots of 1971 where prisoners rioted, took control of the prison and faced off to guards for four days. During the riots and the subsequent fights for control thirty two inmates and ten hostages were killed. It's...

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The Crow remake continues

Stephen Norrington has been talking about his controversial remake of The Crow, I say controversial because most fans of the original film can't see any reason at all to remake the film and a lot of those fans feel less than positive thoughts towards Norrington's films, particularly The League of...

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February 16, 2010

Coe versus Ovett, in film

To be honest it took reading this article to remind me that there was a strong rivalry between the British runners Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe. To be fair I think if anything had talked about the rivalry I would have remembered, for it was pretty big at the time...

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Johnston talks candidly about The Wolfman

A terrible film, rubbish and don't bother going to see it, are the statements that hit me from a friend today at work who had been to see The Wolfman. He told me not to waste my time, and so all those denied rumours and played down moments of rewrites,...

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Death Race: Frankenstein Lives casting

I'm a little surprised by the casting announcement for Death Race: Frankenstein Lives, because I thought this was going to be a terrible and cheap prequel to the already pretty poor Death Race 2000 prequel, however the casting either suggests a big budget to pull in enough strong actors or...

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Comments are back!

Thankfully the commenting system is working once more. Having been moved off to virtual hosting the comments captcha system failed and I didn't notice until a reader emailed me – thanks Billy. It took a while to get the site moved back to standard hosting, but I'm there and ready...

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Jekyll and Dying of the Light lose director

I'm actually quite happy that Nicolas Winding Refn is no longer directing a new adaptation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or rather I'm happy that the film is no longer in production, for I fear that it could not hold a candle to the BBC television adaptation in 2007...

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February 15, 2010

Thatcher biographical film

It was back in March 2007 that we first heard of a Margaret Thatcher film, then it was written by Brian Fillis and told the story of her time as British Prime Minister during the 1982 Falklands War. Next came the word that BBC Films were behind the production, and...

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Clarke writing Fast Girls

Noel Clarke is one hell of a busy man, and he's fast becoming one of the busiest British actors there is. Sorry, scrub that, actor/writer/producer/director, for he tends to wear many hats, and his latest film looks set to stretch him even further. The film is called Fast Girls, and...

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Antonia Bird's Arab-Scot sexual tale

You can tell that almost immediately Antonia Bird's new film is going to be causing controversy, in fact I'm surprised that the controversy hasn't started already, considering it concerns the story of an Arab woman's sexual awakening. The article hints that the story has been passed over by a few...

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Update: True Lies: Taxi Driver sequel/prequel/remake?

I'm not entirely sure if this is complete conjecture, or if there's some weight to this rumour, but a sequel to Taxi Driver has been touted before by Paul Schrader, and now it would seem that in addition to Martin Scorsese talking about working with Robert De Niro again, he's...

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Welsh's Magnificent Eleven gains Robert Vaughn?

It was back in May of last year that we heard about Irvine Welsh working on an adaptation of the Magnificent Seven as a modern day tale - the story of a struggling amateur football team that have to protect the local tandoori restaurant from a gang of thugs. Now...

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Mean Streets return for Scorsese and DeNiro?

Martin Scorsese has been talking about teaming up once again with Robert De Niro and returning to the world of the mobster that the two have teamed up for a number of times before. Some thirty seven years after Mean Streets, it looks like they could be returning to them,...

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Edward and Mrs Simpson by Madonna?

It almost seems too strange to be true, but it seems that Madonna is set to direct a film about the famous affair between King Edward VII and Wallis Simpson that led to the King abdicating the British throne in order to marry the woman he loved. Madonna is also...

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Treasure Island in Sherlock Holmes style

It seems all old works are going to be up for what is being called the “Sherlock Holmes” treatment since it earned money at the box office it seems many studios are now reworking their spreadsheets to add another positive column for “classic novels filmed multiple times”. Robert Louis Stevenson's...

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February 14, 2010

Filmstalker's Most Anticipated of 2010

I've been sitting on the list of upcoming films for the year for some time now, I did complete it but I never managed to publish it, until now. Here's the list of films that Filmstalker (that's me) recommends that you should watch this year, and it's a bumper of...

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February 13, 2010

Stalked: Lone Ranger, trailers for Toy Story 3 and Get Him to the Greek, Costner to star and direct, Refn takes Marshall's Drive

The Lone Ranger gains writer... Get Him to the Greek trailer... Toy Story 3 trailer online... Costner returns to directing... Refn takes over Marhsall's Drive......

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Stalked: Matheson's Earthbound, Spider-Man IV and Priest in 3D, Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean?, Newell's Terminal Spy, Winstone's Night Flower, Estevez's The Way

Richard Matheson's Earthbound film... Spider-Man IV in 3D... Priest in 3D... Penelope Cruz in Pirates of the Caribbean sequel?... Newell directing Terminal Spy... Winstone on David Scinto film... Estevez's The Way......

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Emmerich talks Foundation

It was back in January that we heard Roland Emmerich was going to direct the adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation series and lo, there was unhappiness. Emmerich has been famous for his big scale, huge effects, disaster films, and while they were huge on effects they've been light on characters...

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Writer talks Escape From New York remake

Not only is Allan Loeb willing to talk about the new film but he's revealed that if Kurt Russell wants back in there's a cameo for him, that is if the studio say yes. He also talked a little more about the film and revealed what the hopes for this...

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Update: Another Three Musketeers film

We've heard that there's going to be a Three Musketeers film in 3D from Paul W.S. Anderson, and thankfully it went very quiet from that production, unfortunately it's still happening, but the good news is that there's another one coming, that hopefully won't be in 3D, and won't be by...

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Site Update: Commenting

Just a quick note to let you know that despite the hosting company's efforts, the commenting system is still not back up. The move back from Virtual hosting, which may be the issue, will be happening this weekend, so after a few tweaks we should have the commenting back on....

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February 12, 2010

Neil Marshall's Centurion trailer online

I say Neil Marshall, but there are some big names fronting this epic trailer, and seemingly just as epic film. Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, Olga Kurylenko are the title bearers in the trailer, but let's not forget Noel Clarke, David Morrissey and Ulrich Thomsen to name but a few. The...

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Original Terminator writes fifth and sixth films?

It almost seems too good to be true, and there are nigh on insurmountable odds to see another film get made at the moment, money and politics are the order of the moment. However if there is an agreement, and another film is decided upon, there's some great news for...

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Riddick sequels happening

I'm not really sure if there was doubt about another Riddick film, well actually there was plenty, because Vin Diesel is forever talking about projects he's going to do and we never see them. Or is that really true? He's delivered a new Fast and Furious, and we look like...

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The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas remake

On one hand I'm glad that a remake of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is going to stay true to the original and keep the musical style of the film, and on the other I'm a little disappointed, perhaps we needed a modernised version of the film that looks...

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Terminator franchise gets complicated

The sale of the Terminator franchise smelled worse than a barrel of fish to be honest. You can read all about it in the write up of the sale of the rights, a sale that beat the offer of the teamed up Sony and Lionsgate, and resulted in Halcyon having...

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Akira film continues

The Book of Eli directors are perhaps going to be taking on the live action version of Akira next – yes I said Akira, the project is still alive and well and moving forward. According to reports the directors are in early talks to take on the film, which we...

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RoboCop not dead?

We had been hearing that RoboCop was dead or at least halted, and with Darren Aronofsky not wanting to talk about the project it seemed to confirm things weren't going well. Not to mention the problems with MGM and money, that seemed to put an end to many of their...

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Commenting problems

Thanks to Billy for pointing it out, but the comment system is down and apparently has been for a little while, it might coincide with the move to virtual hosting, we're not entirely sure. Investigations are under way, and I can only apologise for now. As soon as it's fixed...

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February 11, 2010

Brosnan in religious heavy film

The blurb for a new film called Salvation Boulevard starring Pierce Brosnan, Ed Harris, and Jim Gaffigan sounds very interesting, but at the same time there are warning lights going off in my head screaming that it won't be long before the Church are up in arms about the story,...

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True Grit remake script read

The script for the remake of True Grit has been seen, although I should say it's an adaptation of the novel that the original True Grit was based on, but there will undoubtedly be similarities, or will there? According to the read through it seems that there's quite a lot...

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Escape From New York remake still alive

The remake of Escape From New York seemed to be dead when it was last talked about back in July of 2008 when Gerard Butler had left the project and the idea was being left to pass everyone by. However it doesn't look like it's dead, far from it, and...

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The Last Airbender trailer online in HD

There's a trailer for The Last Airbender online, following on nicely from the teaser trailer we saw for the Super Bowl, the trailer takes us a little further and shows us a little more, and damn it's good. Is M. Night Shyamalan going to regain a whole host of fans...

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Killers trailer online in HD

There are a few people who are having a pop at Killers already, but I think that's a bit unfair, let's put the trailer and story in context. This is not a film about hardened killers, it's an action comedy about one guy who's a trained assassin and a woman...

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February 10, 2010

Muppet movie losing Muppet essence?

A script has been seen for the new Muppets film, allegedly, the one written by Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller, for which a director was just announced not that long ago, James Bobin. Now the script has been seen, and although it's not being fully shared online, there are some...

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Zombieland sequel in 3D

Zombieland the sequel, something that we heard about a while ago, looks like it might really happen, and the writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have been banding around ideas for the film, some of which sound not so hot if you ask me. The great thing about the Zombieland...

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Director talks The Black Hole remake

The Black Hole is a great film, and we talk about how Pixar manages to get the family and adult levels in a film just right, but for me this is a Disney film that does just that too. It's a classic in my mind with the excellent robot characters...

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Mission: Impossible IV begins

It's not really a great surprise that Tom Cruise is working on a fourth Mission: Impossible film, after all they have been great successes and are one franchise that can be said to be getting better and better in terms of action and excitement, the last outing was superb fun....

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Zonad trailer online

There's a new trailer online for Zonad, and it looks superbly funny. It's the story of a small Irish village that witnesses a comet landing one night, and then the arrival of a strange looking humanoid alien. Of course it's not really an alien, actually he's an escaped convict from...

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February 9, 2010

Mark Millar directing Scottish Superhero film

Mark Millar is rapidly turning into something of a local hero for me. Not only has he written some great comic books, he's inspired and worked on Wanted (Filmstalker review) and now Kick-Ass, and he looks set to deliver sequels to both. Now though, he's back talking about this project...

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Will Nolan save Superman?

It's being raved about where ever you look, Christopher Nolan is going to step onto the Superman franchise and "mentor" the development of the next Superman film. That doesn't mean he's going to be writing or directing it, just advising those people who are on the direction to go. Now...

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Stalked: Rachel Weisz, Tom Felton, Mesrine in America, Tim Robbins in Green Lantern, The Heist Society, Hugh Laurie, Amber Tamblyn, Peter Bogdanovich

Dream House gains Rachel Weisz… Tom Felton joins The Apparition… Mesrine arrives in America… Tim Robbins joins The Green Lantern… The Heist Society adapted… Hugh Laurie returns to film for Oranges… Amber Tamblyn joins 127 Hours… Peter Bogdanovich writing and directing Turn of the Century…...

Read the full story "Stalked: Rachel Weisz, Tom Felton, Mesrine in America, Tim Robbins in Green Lantern, The Heist Society, Hugh Laurie, Amber Tamblyn, Peter Bogdanovich" »

24 has a film script

To be honest the thought of a 24 film doesn't work for me, the whole idea is that 24 is more or less real time and delivers 24 hours of excitement, a film will be 1 hour 40 minutes let's say, and that title really isn't as catchy, nor is...

Read the full story "24 has a film script" »

Soderbergh casts Contagion

Steven Soderbergh has begun casting his next film, and it's a film called Contagion written by Scott Z. Burns, and pushed to the front of his queue for a start this year. Word is that the thriller is a multi plot threaded one which is terrifying, the exact word used...

Read the full story "Soderbergh casts Contagion" »

Terminator rights sold

The auction is complete, the Terminator franchise rights are sold, and neither of the studios that were involved have won it. In fact the company who are the victors, as long as the bankruptcy court agrees the deal, is the very company that Halycon owed all the money to in...

Read the full story "Terminator rights sold" »

Formula One documentary

I've been desperate for a Formula One film for a long time, a modern day racing film to match the likes of the James Garner led Grand Prix or the Steve McQueen led Le Mans, even though that's not an F1 film, it did capture a lot of the essence...

Read the full story "Formula One documentary" »

Planet of the Apes restart causes star backlash?

It's interesting that when we think of Hollywood making bad choices about projects we tend to bundle everyone together, yet we forget that the writers, directors, actors, etc are people and have their own values, their own beliefs, and tend to know when a film idea is right or wrong...

Read the full story "Planet of the Apes restart causes star backlash?" »

February 8, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Smith remake?

First of all let's put this reboot rubbish to bed. There is no reboot of a single film, it's a remake, a prequel or a sequel, you can't reboot a franchise that never happened, that never got beyond one film. So the idea of a Mr. & Mrs. Smith reboot...

Read the full story "Mr. & Mrs. Smith remake?" »

Coogan talks Alan Partridge film

I really thought this idea was dead, but Steve Coogan has been talking about an Alan Partridge film, and that there's still an active move to see the character on the big screen. In fact he's revealed that we'll know within a month if the film is going to happen...

Read the full story "Coogan talks Alan Partridge film" »

Murray confirms Ghostbusters III spoiler

You'll remember that a little while ago Sigourney Weaver revealed in an interview what would be happening to Bill Murray's character, Dr. Peter Venkman, in the next Ghostbusters script, I say script because we're still a while off filming yet. Well now Murray himself has been talking about the film...

Read the full story "Murray confirms Ghostbusters III spoiler" »

Pierce Brosnan talks The Thomas Crown Affair sequel

Pierce Brosnan has been out promoting Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and while he was doing that he was asked about the much talked about sequel to The Thomas Crown Affair, a sequel that has never really seen much of the light of day after the stories...

Read the full story "Pierce Brosnan talks The Thomas Crown Affair sequel" »

Captain America director talks suit, style, casting

I've always been voicing my concerns about how Captain America would work in the international world we live in today, but the news about the Captain America film that has been leaking out of late is giving me hope that maybe there's something to be had in the film. There...

Read the full story "Captain America director talks suit, style, casting" »

Cohen's Medieval dead?

There's some interesting rumours coming in from New Regency and the film Medieval that Rob Cohen was getting ready to film. Not only has he spent a huge amount of money on the production already, but the studio have been switching goal posts on the production and it's become so...

Read the full story "Cohen's Medieval dead?" »

Super Bowl teasers: The Crazies, Alice in Wonderland, Prince of Persia, The Wolfman, Robin Hood

I've already posted the Super Bowl teaser trailers for The Last Airbender as well as Shutter Island, Brooklyn's Finest and Robin Hood, but now the remaining film teasers have been placed online, including a second Robin Hood teaser. The teasers generally are good, despite everyone saying that this is the...

Read the full story "Super Bowl teasers: The Crazies, Alice in Wonderland, Prince of Persia, The Wolfman, Robin Hood" »

February 6, 2010

Super Bowl teasers for Shutter Island, Brooklyn's Finest and Robin Hood

There are two more Super Bowl teasers live on the Internet, and the videos are really here (I'm not just saying that) for both Shutter Island, Brooklyn's Finest and Robin Hood, and they are both looking very powerful. Shutter Island is the Martin Scorsese film led by Leonardo DiCaprio and...

Read the full story "Super Bowl teasers for Shutter Island, Brooklyn's Finest and Robin Hood" »

Neil Jordan's Ondine trailer online

Since news of Neil Jordan's Ondine film came out in June of 2008 I've not written anything about it, I've not heard anything about it really, until now. Back then we heard that Colin Farrell and Alicja Bachledaw were set to star as an Irish fisherman who catches a mythical...

Read the full story "Neil Jordan's Ondine trailer online" »

Prince trailer online, stylish action galore

Prince looks like an action film set to out do some of the biggest Hollywood films, well if we're going by the trailer that is. The set pieces, action sequences, and the premise of the film all look great, and a few moments had me surprised they were even happening....

Read the full story "Prince trailer online, stylish action galore" »

Daredevil reboot moves forward

For some it might be hard to believe that Daredevil would get a second chance, much less that it deserves one, for the first outing of the character was poor. It dropped the power of the character and went all camp comic book, and failed big time. Now though, the...

Read the full story "Daredevil reboot moves forward" »

Stretch Armstrong 3D gets cast

I find it hard to believe that there's really going to be a film about Stretch Armstrong, the bendy, stretchy action figure (toy) that kids play with and try to deliberately break, but there is, and the casting has been announced. Taylor Lautner, one of the stars of the Twilight...

Read the full story "Stretch Armstrong 3D gets cast" »

February 5, 2010

Pitt destined for Gunsmoke?

We heard that there was going to be an adaptation of Gunsmoke for the big screen, but did you know how big? Well there are some rather large actors being considered according to rumour, and it's making it all sound like this production is set to be big. Have I...

Read the full story "Pitt destined for Gunsmoke?" »

The battle for Terminator begins

The latest news on the fight for the right to continue the franchise of Terminator is hotting up. Before we heard that it was only Lionsgate that had the offer on the table to buy the rights, but there's another offer, and this one's from a big studio, a serious...

Read the full story "The battle for Terminator begins" »

The Lost Symbol begins

It's not a surprise that the sequel novel to Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code (Filmstalker review) is going ahead towards cinemas, after all the series has been a successful one in print and on the screen, so why not go after The Lost Symbol too? Unsurprisingly the...

Read the full story "The Lost Symbol begins" »

Cop Out Red Band trailer online

It was pretty clear that the first trailer for Cop Out didn't hit the mark, neither did the earlier change of title from A Couple of Dicks, the marketing team didn't do well at all. Not only does it seem that they had misunderstood the film, but that they had...

Read the full story "Cop Out Red Band trailer online" »

Chan's Shinjuku Incident U.S. trailer

Although banned in China, Shinjuku Incident is heading to America courtesy of Barking Cow with an English language trailer that doesn't do it any justice what so ever. Well that's not strictly true, it shows some nice moments from the film and Jackie Chan looking like his general western audiences...

Read the full story "Chan's Shinjuku Incident U.S. trailer" »

Luc Besson's Les Aventures Extraordinaires D'Adèle Blanc-Sec second teaser online

Luc Besson's Les Aventures Extraordinaires D'Adèle Blanc-Sec sounds an interesting film, based on the seventies stories of the pre-World War I character who had to investigate all manner of strange goings on, from occult to crime, and strange occurrences such as mummies and pterodactyls. We've already seen one light teaser,...

Read the full story "Luc Besson's Les Aventures Extraordinaires D'Adèle Blanc-Sec second teaser online" »

The Last Airbender Super Bowl teaser

There's a Super Bowl teaser online for The Last Airbender from M. Night Shyamalan, and having just watched it I have to say I'm hooked, although there's no real story conveyed in the clips, what we do get are some amazing effects shots. The Last Airbender is looking superb, I...

Read the full story "The Last Airbender Super Bowl teaser" »

February 4, 2010

Will we see another Watchmen film?

I could make this story very short. Yes. Absolutely. However the arguments are leaping about the internet with the rumour coming out about a possible prequel or spin-off to the comic book, the thought has turned to the film. Views are polarised, and those that are in the know are...

Read the full story "Will we see another Watchmen film?" »

A Star is Born remake casting rumours

I really struggle with casting rumours, most of them turn out to be people making them up, or getting fooled to mention them in the open, and the name of the person who made them up. Of course sometimes there's truth and even, on occasion, the studio are testing things...

Read the full story "A Star is Born remake casting rumours" »

New Green Zone trailer online

Previously I posted the first trailer for The Green Zone, the next film from Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon, and I was surprised when I saw this new trailer without anyone else making a mention of it. It gives the film a totally different feel, whereas the first was a...

Read the full story "New Green Zone trailer online" »

Watchmen sequels, prequels and spin-offs?

The talk of a Watchmen (Filmstalker review) sequel has been around the Internet, and I really didn't think it was much of a story, but I've finally decided to write something about it and put my usual down to earth spin on things. Sites are rumbling with the news that...

Read the full story "Watchmen sequels, prequels and spin-offs?" »

Fast and the Furious fifth sequel

At the beginning of January Vin Diesel announced that he had been handed what amounted to two more chapters in the Fast and the Furious franchise from the writer Chris Morgan, previously the actor had only been expecting to see one. Now we're hearing that there's one more film ready...

Read the full story "Fast and the Furious fifth sequel" »

February 3, 2010

Millar talks Wanted 2

Mark Millar, the creator of the comic book of Wanted, has been talking about what's in store for the film sequel, and he's also talked about why the original was so different from the comics. It was always said that the difference was because the studio bought the script to...

Read the full story "Millar talks Wanted 2" »

From Paris With Love, another International trailer

There's a new trailer online for From Paris With Love, the Pierre Morel action film with John Travolta as the rather crazy American spy and Jonathan Rhys Meyers as his in country handler who thinks he's a bit of a spy until he meets Charlie Wax. We've all heard a...

Read the full story "From Paris With Love, another International trailer" »

Shank futuristic London gangland trailer online

What a title. Shank is a tale of London and gangs set in the near future where the younger generation have taken to the streets and have control of them. Something which doesn't sound too far off the mark already. The trailer looks powerful, very well cut, filled with strong...

Read the full story "Shank futuristic London gangland trailer online" »

Update: Heartless official trailer online

We'd already seen some of Philip Ridley's Heartless with Noel Clarke talking about the film, promoting it before we get to see a few shots, however this new trailer has a lot more to it, a lot more of the film, and a reveal of the story. Ridley wrote The...

Read the full story "Update: Heartless official trailer online" »

Abducted Girl: An American Sex Slave teasers online

It was back in November of last year that we first heard that Shane Ryan was writing and directing a film called Abducted Girl: An American Sex Slave, just as the news arrived of the story of Jaycee Lee Dugard who was kidnapped and held by Phillip and Nancy Garrido...

Read the full story "Abducted Girl: An American Sex Slave teasers online" »

Avatar sequel and DVD news

There's a story out today that Rupert Murdoch has revealed that his company are in early talks with James Cameron to produce a sequel to Avatar (Filmstalker review), and while that's interesting, I don't think it's surprising in the least. After all James Cameron himself said that he was considering...

Read the full story "Avatar sequel and DVD news" »

Kick-Ass International trailer

I forgot to write about this last night, the International trailer for Kick-Ass, the Matthew Vaughn film which he and Jane Goldman adapted from the Mark Millar comic. Yeah, we all know about it by now, and if you don't then this trailer will do it for you. Really, I...

Read the full story "Kick-Ass International trailer" »

February 2, 2010

Stalked: I Frankenstein getting made?, Underworld IV, Sgt Rock in the future, Animated Zombies in A.D. Trailer

I Frankenstein getting made?... Underworld IV... Sgt. Rock in the future... Animated Zombies in A.D. trailer......

Read the full story "Stalked: I Frankenstein getting made?, Underworld IV, Sgt Rock in the future, Animated Zombies in A.D. Trailer" »

82nd (2009) Academy Award nominees announced

The 82nd, or the 2009, Academy Award nominees have been announced, and the list has some unsurprising entries, for example Avatar (Filmstalker review) has nine nominations - only nine for the most successful film of all time you might think? Well it's the same number as The Hurt Locker (Filmstalker...

Read the full story "82nd (2009) Academy Award nominees announced" »

Update: The Woman in Black remake, original online

The Woman in Black is to be made…again. Originally a novel by Susan Hill, the British television film made by Central and Granada was a very successful film, stated as some as one of the creepiest films that they've seen. Well the report is that Hammer Films have obtained the...

Read the full story "Update: The Woman in Black remake, original online" »

Bloom as The Good Doctor

Although I'm pulling back a little from announcing everything that everyone else does, I find the announcement of Orlando Bloom leading The Good Doctor an intriguing one for the story that it offers the audience. The film is set to star Michael Pena, Troy Garity, Courtney Ford, Taraji P. Henson,...

Read the full story "Bloom as The Good Doctor" »

30th Razzie nominations including worst of the decade

The annual Golden Raspberry awards have been announced, otherwise known as the Razzies, and I think this year it's clear they just aren't leaping on the popular, or rather non-popular, choices, for there are some big films in there. I can't say I've seen all the films, but I definitely...

Read the full story "30th Razzie nominations including worst of the decade" »

Anita Bryant biographical film set to fail?

A film is being developed about Anita Bryant, former beauty queen, singer and all round celebrity in America through the fifties, sixties and seventies, however it looks set for disaster, and will undoubtedly face a huge boycott. Why? Well it's because of what she then did after becoming a celebrity....

Read the full story "Anita Bryant biographical film set to fail?" »

February 1, 2010

New Ong Bak 3 trailer

I think a lot of people are surprised that an Ong-Bak 3 was announced, especially since during Ong-Bak 2 the star and director, Tony Jaa, went missing and then the shouting began. Still the film made it to release and there was talk of Ong-Bak 3, and here it is....

Read the full story "New Ong Bak 3 trailer" »

Clash of the Titans International trailer online

There's a new trailer online for the upcoming Clash of the Titans, you know the film that looks really good but is being entirely converted to 3D which has a huge chance of turning it into a bit of a mess. Still, this new trailer looks pretty good, although I...

Read the full story "Clash of the Titans International trailer online" »

Closed: Win free tickets to Hilde at the Glasgow Film Festival!

Planning on attending the Glasgow Film Festival? Well even if you weren't, on Filmstalker you can get two tickets to see Hilde as part of the Glasgow Film Festival in February. How to win them? Listen, it couldn't be easier. Seriously it's ridiculously easy and your chances of winning are...

Read the full story "Closed: Win free tickets to Hilde at the Glasgow Film Festival!" »

Closed: Win free tickets to City of Life and Death at the Glasgow Film Festival!

Planning on attending the Glasgow Film Festival? Well even if you weren't, on Filmstalker you can get two tickets to see City of Life and Death as part of the Glasgow Film Festival in February. How to win them? Listen, it couldn't be easier. Seriously it's ridiculously easy and your...

Read the full story "Closed: Win free tickets to City of Life and Death at the Glasgow Film Festival!" »

Updated: Gervais' Cemetery Junction trailer online

I'm not entirely sure if I should be posting the trailer for Ricky Gervais' Cemetery Junction, but it's been shown on British television by the looks of the so there can't be a problem showing it to people when they've just seen it on the free to air British television...

Read the full story "Updated: Gervais' Cemetery Junction trailer online" »

Morel ditches Berg's Dune

Pierre Morel has been talking about the new version of Dune that he picked up after Peter Berg left the project, and he's revealed that they are starting again, from scratch, and that means leaving behind the script that Peter Berg had ready to film and making his own. When...

Read the full story "Morel ditches Berg's Dune" »

Bourne to be a prequel? Bourne sequel five years away?

Let's not leap on Matt Damon's words straight away, for I think if you read into them a healthy scepticism about Hollywood you probably get the real picture of what he's saying about the Bourne series and realise that he's more than capable of some sarcasm. If you don't do...

Read the full story "Bourne to be a prequel? Bourne sequel five years away?" »

Quinto to play Gershwin

According to rumours, the ones that can be pretty strong, not the UK tabloid ones for other stories I'm ignoring today, Zachary Quinto may be set to play the great George Gershwin for the DreamWorks film. What's more is that this film could be one of the films that Steven...

Read the full story "Quinto to play Gershwin" »

Princess Margaret's gangster affair film

A new film is being written that will examine the affair that the member of British Royalty, Princess Margaret, had with John Bindon in the late sixties. Bindon was not only a man who played a London gangster in film, but he was involved in the criminal underworld in real...

Read the full story "Princess Margaret's gangster affair film" »


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