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24 has a film script

24_Poster.jpgTo be honest the thought of a 24 film doesn't work for me, the whole idea is that 24 is more or less real time and delivers 24 hours of excitement, a film will be 1 hour 40 minutes let's say, and that title really isn't as catchy, nor is the idea.

However plans are pressing forward, and while a film version still may not be started until after the show completes, there is now a pitch and both 20th Century Fox and Keifer Sutherland are keen on it. So is it a go?

Billy Ray has written the pitch for the script, he's previously written The Shooter, Hart's War, Flightplan (Filmstalker review), Breach and State of Play, and he's got a number of big scripts on the go, and 20th Century Fox have bought it in order to develop it into the film version of 24.

According to reports through The Guardian from Variety and Entertainment Weekly, Kiefer Sutherland has heard/seen the pitch and has given it his backing too, so we're through the first few hurdles of seeing Jack Bauer on the big screen.

The pitch is supposedly going to take Bauer to Europe, although there's not much more on the story than that.

I'm struggling with the idea of how this will work though. Surely it will end up being just a real time thriller, something we've seen a lot of, but to be fair not executed really well. A film verison of 24 does promise to tackle things as well as the series as the article tells us that the team behind the film are going to be the same as the series, to try and keep the look and feel of the film the same as the series.

That's a strong aspect for sure, but I just feel that this is going to end up like a real time Bourne, a franticly paced action thriller. Of course that's not a bad thing is it?

There's also talk of whether the film will wait until the series ends, or if the series will lead off into the film or vice versa. In a way we saw it with the previous series where a two hour 24 led into the traditional series, perhaps this is the way that the film would work.

Actually I could see a film leaving a huge cliff hanger for the series which would show immediately after, that would work much better than a series ending on a cliff hanger and leading into a film don't you think?

Would it work for you though?



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