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A Star is Born remake casting rumours

RussellCrowe.jpgI really struggle with casting rumours, most of them turn out to be people making them up, or getting fooled to mention them in the open, and the name of the person who made them up. Of course sometimes there's truth and even, on occasion, the studio are testing things out.

So on the remake of A Star is Born the rumours are getting stranger, and now we're hearing that Beyoncé could be teaming up with none other than Russell Crowe. Now that's rather odd, or is it?

Okay, so as usual when I do mention these rumours, I tell you that there's a lot of salt to be taken with them. Bear in mind they could be totally made up, they might be complete rubbish and tomorrow Russell Crowe could be saying “what rubbish? Never even been approached”.

Yet when I think about this idea, the more I think it's better than the rumour of the much more polished Robert Downey Jr. and Sean Penn, both of whom have been rumoured before there was even a director attached – another reason not to believe it.

Russell Crowe is a hard edged, rough and tumble kind of guy. While Robert Downey Jr. might have the alcoholic past that matches the character, Crowe carries the look and the air of the character once played by Kris Kristofferson, and he himself even feels like a similar choice back in the day.

In fact the idea of Beyoncé in the lead is in the perhaps the odder option, to me she's not the younger, fresh faced character that is called for in the film. It needs someone with a lot less presence and someone that could pass as a lot more innocent.

The pairing though, and the additional aspect of the couple being mixed race, adds some more depth to it all. The more I think about it, the more I like the rumour from 24 Frames through The Playlist.

The original films, for there have been a few, see an older star, fading fast and struggling with alcohol, falling in love with a young, rising talent, just about to find her fame. The previous versions had different settings, film and the last version of A Star is Born with Kristofferson and Barbara Streisand changing things to be in the music industry. The turns and key points of the story were all very similar though. You can read more about all the different versions on the original story about the remakes.

I think Crowe for Kristofferson is a good move, however Beyoncé for Streisand is a bit too difficult to take, she's too big a star now, and not the young innocent entering the world of show business that's needed for the story.

However, let's remember, despite the story that Nick Cassavetes is in negotiations to direct, he's not taken up the role just yet, and when he does he might just make the final casting decisions, despite what the studio want.



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