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Antonia Bird's Arab-Scot sexual tale

AntoniaBird.jpgYou can tell that almost immediately Antonia Bird's new film is going to be causing controversy, in fact I'm surprised that the controversy hasn't started already, considering it concerns the story of an Arab woman's sexual awakening.

The article hints that the story has been passed over by a few others for being far too controversial, but that Bird and the production team behind this attempt are the first to make it happen.

The film is called The Widow and follows an Arab woman whose husband, a journalist, is murdered in Cairo and so she runs away to Scotland of all places. It's here that she meets a man to whom she finds herself attracted, and the two begin a torrid affair in which she explores her sexuality.

Variety describes it as “a torrid and explicit exploration of sexual desire”, and suggest that the film will cause controversy in the Middle East, personally I think it'll cause controversy wherever it is considering it's about the sexual awakening of an Arab woman.

There's already someone interested in the male lead, Dominic West apparently, the cracking actor from The Wire. Bruce McLeod and Naomi Wallace wrote the script which the article says has “graphic sexual scenes”.

Antonia Bird has directed some strong television dramas, so the idea of her directing this story and Dominc West is an interesting thought. I think that's the big draw here, not the controversy, and if there is any it will only help the film in the end.



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