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Avatar sequel and DVD news

Avatar.jpgThere's a story out today that Rupert Murdoch has revealed that his company are in early talks with James Cameron to produce a sequel to Avatar (Filmstalker review), and while that's interesting, I don't think it's surprising in the least.

After all James Cameron himself said that he was considering a sequel, and if someone who can deliver two of the most successful films of all time says that, I think the studios will just follow.

Speaking about the possibility, the head of News Corp. Rupert Murdoch said that they were in early talks with James Cameron on a sequel, that Cameron had some ides for a sequel, and they will be pushing for one. However it came with a warning not to...

”...hold your breath for an early one...”

With Cameron already announcing his intentions there's no real surprise here.

In the article in The Hollywood Reporter through Collider they also discussed that the film will continue to be shown in the box office and that the DVD release will not be in 3D.

This has caused a lot of people consternation at the fact that the film won't be shown as it was in the cinema, but hold up people, let's think about this for a minute.

In the cinema we saw the best 3D we can at the moment, and that means delivering two separate images to each eye through polarised glasses with one lens collecting the image delivered top to bottom, and the other lens collecting the image side to side. There exists no television set in mass production that does that.

Right now the 3D experience at home is the traditional red-green image with the red green filtered glasses, imagine what that would do to your viewing of the immaculate Avatar (Filmstalker review)?

I think this is the best thing. There's no point releasing a version of Avatar in 3D that would probably look and feel worse than just watching it in 2D. Wait for the technology at home to catch up and then release it in 3D, that's what I would want, and that's what the announcement says, that the 3D release is going to wait until the technology is ready.

For that I congratulate the company for not thinking profit over quality. They could have so easily released it in 2D now, 3D in six months, and then new 3D when the technology was at home.



until you said that i thought it was a bad idea and felt slighted that I couldn't make the personal choice to strap on a red blue anaglyph pair of specs and view the movie ( which i've absolutely loved btw )

you're probably right. Wait until you can do it right, which is what Cameron did with the movie in the first place. But i still feel sad that i won't get to visit pandora in 3d for the forseeable future.

Yeah, I would love to see it in 3D as well, but cheap 3D? It's a tough toss up. What they should do is put an extra on the DVD/Blu-ray that shows people what it would have been like, one scene in cheap 3D as a comparison to see the quality drop.


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