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BAFTA: Live blogging from the red carpet and show

BAFTA.jpgThis year I've been lucky enough to be invited down to the BAFTA event once again by Orange. Last year I was blogging live from the red carpet, something I intend to be doing again this year from this page, starting round about 16:00 GMT on Sunday 21st February.

If you'd like to join me, please do, just come back to this page around that time and you'll see the live blog begin the blog is now live! You can interact by commenting, asking questions, demanding I do things, whatever, and it will be all live with live photos this year.

Live Blogging the Orange BAFTA 2010 BBC Show

Live Blogging the Orange BAFTA 2010 Red Carpet

One thing I do need to decide upon though is what to do about the show itself. At about 16:00 I'll be hitting the red carpet and the blogging will begin, and when the last star walks down the carpet – last year it was the amazing Goldie Hawn - we're being taken to another theatre (not the BAFTA show) and being shown a live, uninterrupted feed of the entire show as it comes, however we're not allowed to write anything about that show until the television show is under way.

The live screening is due to finish at 21:15, fifteen minutes after the television show begins. So if I go to that event I won't make it back until about a half hour into the show.

The other option is that I head back to the hotel as soon as the red carpet event is finished, get some food and drink down me, and get ready to live blog the television show with you all. Watching the edited feed and chatting and arguing about the awards as they happen.

Which would you prefer? Let me know so that I can decide what we're going to do.

In the meantime, remember to come back here tomorrow around 16:00 GMT and we'll go live.



I think its better if you attend the red carpet - have fun , and as soon as its over , and you've had your fill of the night - go home relax and start blogging from your room - lot more comfortable that way !:)

Thanks Aartee, that's exactly what I'm going to do!

thanks for doing this! its the only way i am able to know what is going on! what kind of phone do u have?

Hey Kelly it was on a Sony Ericsson X1, worked well although it didn't get great photos.


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