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Cameron missing out on Terminator?

JamesCameron.jpgOf course everyone is going to ask James Cameron about the possibility of returning to the Terminator franchise for another few films, but Cameron is saying no go, he's not that interested.

Except when I read what he's saying I have this incredible feeling that he might be missing something here. There's actually a positive reason to return to the Terminator franchise for him, and it would cover two great possibilities in one, and not just from the perspective of a fan of the franchise.

Speaking about the news that there could be another two films – and remember that this is a long way off because right now all we've heard is that the original writer as a speculative script for a Terminator V and a plot outline for Terminator VI, nothing more than that, a studio hasn't even been involved – he said that he had little more knowledge than us and he was well removed from the Terminator franchise.

Over at MTV - and finally they've allowed sites outside the US to see the video - through Deadline Hollywood Daily, he says this without seeming bitter or disappointed, it's just matter of fact. He's out of the franchise, and what he hears is what we hear in the news, and no he hasn't talked to William Wisher about the new writing he's been doing.

Actually he sounds pretty pragmatic about it all. This is what he had to say in the video interview which follows.

”From my perspective, it's run its course and I don't know what else to say that hasn't been said. Plus, frankly... the soup's kind of been pissed in a little bit by other filmmakers, so I don't have any personal desire to go back to it. So I certainly wouldn't want to be a dog in the manger and disallow my friends from making a little money off it. Why would I do that?”

Okay, fair enough, but is James Cameron missing something here? He's expressed how much he wants to deliver 3D to audiences and get it coursing through the veins of Hollywood, and what better place to do that than one of the biggest science fiction franchises there is, and one he started on? Terminator would cry out for 3D.

So he's talking about these other film-makers “pissing in his soup”, well given the chance would he not be interested in coming back and clearing that soup up to deliver the perfect bowl to audiences for two final films, and perhaps even finish off the Terminator storyline for good?

I can't help but think he's totally missing this opportunity. Two 3D Terminator films in the style of Avatar (Filmstalker review) , the first to recover from the previous films and deliver something similar to the first two films, then the second film to bring it to a fantastic conclusion. That would be immense for fans and the franchise, as well as delivering another couple of amazing 3D films.

I can't help but thinking he's being quite close minded to the idea, and perhaps if he thinks about it he might see the opportunity to bring 3D in and close off his Terminator, his way.



He could easily grab the director's chair for Terminator 5 & 6, but I guess he doesn't want to be the one to save the sinking ship that the franchise is. He can make any film he desires and with more ideas boiling in that head of his going back to the Terminator would be a big step back for him and a massive pause on his career/goals.

As a fan of the franchise I would love for Cameron to return, but I know that won't happen. I think if both T3 and TS were written better and directed by better directors then Cameron would question the posibility of returning more.


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