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Chan's Shinjuku Incident U.S. trailer

ShinjukuIncident.jpgAlthough banned in China, Shinjuku Incident is heading to America courtesy of Barking Cow with an English language trailer that doesn't do it any justice what so ever.

Well that's not strictly true, it shows some nice moments from the film and Jackie Chan looking like his general western audiences wouldn't expect him to. He's acting, and acting hard, and the fact that it's been banned in China is just more of a draw don't you think?

It's tough that the film got banned in China, but to be fair I think it's going to be destined for better things abroad. The only problem is that the western audience, who know him for much lighter roles, might not take as well to him here as they have elsewhere.

The better side is that perhaps he'll find a newer, stronger audience for his acting, and with western audiences more interested in Asian cinema these days than before Jackie Chan came to the west, perhaps he'll find a new audience and reinvent himself this side of the world.

Here's the blurb for Shinjuku Incident:

”In the early 1990s, a Chinese tractor mechanic nicknamed Nick (Jackie Chan) enters Japan illegally in search of his fiancée Xiu Xiu (Xu Jing Lei). Nick has made the journey on a freighter that sinks before reaching the harbor. Nick manages to reach dry land, avoiding the Japanese police as he tracks down his brother Joe (Daniel Wu) and asks for help. Joe provides food and shelter while Nick looks for a job and searches for his lost love in this strange new city. Joe introduces Nick to some fellow Chinese immigrants and each of them help the newcomer by showing him how the black market and other underworld activities can help him survive. The menial jobs available to them are difficult and pay very little. Nick considers the possibility, but he is not a criminal… yet.”

Now you can see the English language trailer over at Apple Trailers and in high definition too. Take a look, even if you are a comedy Chan fan, let's see the new Chan.



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