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Clarke writing Fast Girls

NoelClarke.jpgNoel Clarke is one hell of a busy man, and he's fast becoming one of the busiest British actors there is. Sorry, scrub that, actor/writer/producer/director, for he tends to wear many hats, and his latest film looks set to stretch him even further.

The film is called Fast Girls, and while that might conjure something in your mind, it's probably not what you think, not at all. It's about sporty girls. Oh okay, hold on, that's not right either!

The story will follow a group of female athletes competing against each other before they can with the right to compete for their country in the 2012 Olympic Games. It's due to hit the cinemas at the same time as the Olympic Games start in the UK, so there's quite a bit more than creating a strong film.

Fast Girls is going to be a bit of a spokes-film for the Olympics, for British sport, and might just have a positive effect for our athletes who are forever fighting for the funding to compete. Well I'm sure that's some of the idea behind the idea.

Damian Jones is co-producing the film along with Noel Clarke who will be writing, and according to the Variety article, may well be directing too.

It sounds an interesting project, and marks another step forward for Clarke's, and a film that's certain to get him a lot of notice with the tie-in to the Olympics.



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