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Clash of the Titans International trailer online

ClashoftheTitans.jpgThere's a new trailer online for the upcoming Clash of the Titans, you know the film that looks really good but is being entirely converted to 3D which has a huge chance of turning it into a bit of a mess.

Still, this new trailer looks pretty good, although I don't think it's as comprehensive as the previous trailer for the film, this new International trailer is still pretty good and raises the excitement level.

This trailer seems to highlight the international cast, perhaps since it is the non-US trailer, but it's a nice aspect, especially since it is such a strong worldwide cast. Still, most of the footage is there in the second trailer that we've already seen, and more footage besides.

You can see this new Clash of the Titans trailer below through IGN, and it's in 2D, the way the film should be seen.

Once it's started, select the Hi button to see the trailer in a much bigger version:



I'm rather excited about this. Worthington is proving himself to be quite the star.

How do you feel about the post filming 3D conversion Billy?

Not interested in it one bit Richard. They are trying to create an Avatar experience with something that isn't Avatar. I can't see how it will improve the film.

Yeah, same here. I'm going for the 2D version.


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