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Closing Credits: Lionel Jeffries

LionelJeffries.jpgLionel Jeffries, the man who wrote and directed the classic film The Railway Children, has died.

The Railway Children is one of my father's favourite films of all time, but Jeffries is not just famous for that, he has a few other well known films to his writing and directing career, and a list of famous film and television appearances.

Lionel Jeffries was always fascinated with film and, according to The Telegraph story, he used to edit films at home made with his father's cine camera.

However World War II interrupted his life and he fought in Burma where his signature looks were born, he lost his hair and soon after grew the signature huge moustache. After returning home he trained in Rada and his career began.

His first big film role was in 1953 in The Coldtiz Story, acting alongside the legendary Sir John Mills. He had many other major roles to his name, including The Trials of Oscar Wilde, The Wrong Arm of the Law, H.G. Wells' First Men in the Moon, and the great fun film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

There really are a string of performances, and if you know British cinema, you're sure to recognise his face.

However some might say that his biggest role was behind the camera when he wrote and directed the superb The Railway Children starring Jenny Agutter and Bernard Cribbins. It's a wonderful film and a superb adaptation that Jeffries and his family should be proud of.

He also wrote and directed The Amazing Mr Blunden, Wombling Free (the Wombles film) and The Water Babies.

The wonderful Lionel Jeffries will always be remembered for his many films, and particularly The Railway Children. As always, I'm sure I speak for the Filmstalker readers when I say our thoughts are with his friends and family right now.

Writer, Director and Actor
Lionel Jeffries



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