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Cohen's Medieval dead?

RobCohen.jpgThere's some interesting rumours coming in from New Regency and the film Medieval that Rob Cohen was getting ready to film. Not only has he spent a huge amount of money on the production already, but the studio have been switching goal posts on the production and it's become so bad that they've shut the film down.

I can't say I entirely understand all the reasons behind what has happened, but the rumour is that it's the studio's fault, not the fault of Rob Cohen – although if it's true that he spent US $12 million on the film already, then perhaps there's a little to be held responsible for.

The rumour comes from a source of Latino Review's that says the film was setting itself up to be an epic Medieval action film, something in the vein of 300 (Filmstalker review), and that Rob Cohen and his team were already in Romania working on the film.

It was going to be six big roles for six relatively new actors, no big names, and that he had already spent US $12 million on the film – now do remember that so far this is all rumour.

Now this is the bit I don't quite get. While Cohen was gearing up to go new on the cast, the studio decided they wanted a big star, and in these troubled financial times that we keep getting told Hollywood is in (but can still spend money on making drivel and churning it out) they decided to shut down the production that had spent so much money getting going.

There's even more speculation from their source that this has something to do with a potential sale of the studio, but if it was then I would have thought that they would look better with big productions on their books, not just having written off big sums on a project they shut down.

If this is true then Medieval is dead, and we'll probably see Rob Cohen return to do xXx 3, and is that such a bad thing? Mind you there's also the possibility of a return to The Mummy franchise. Which would you rather see?



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