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Coogan talks Alan Partridge film

AlanPartridge.jpgI really thought this idea was dead, but Steve Coogan has been talking about an Alan Partridge film, and that there's still an active move to see the character on the big screen.

In fact he's revealed that we'll know within a month if the film is going to happen or not, and that sounds rather final. Not if it's going to happen this month or year, but ever.

We've heard of previous incarnations over the years, mainly focussing around the character of Alan Partridge making a comeback, but they've never amounted to anything. However now might be the closest we've come so far.

Apparently, according to The Guardian, the comedian Steve Coogan has been waiting for the original writers Armando Lannucci and Peter Baynham from the series to join up, and it looks like that's just happened, for according to the article, Lannucci twittered that he has been spending the last few days working on an Alan Partridge story, so it looks like it's happening.

It's strange, because some time ago the very same writer was saying he just didn't want to spend any more time with that character, not now though.

Steve Coogan told Empire last December that the film would see Partridge, the low rate radio presenter who believed in himself far too much, turn to America and try to regain something of his past career there. However the fact that they are working on a new story line would suggest that either that's not been fleshed out that much, or that it isn't the direction that the film will take.

Of course they have to come up with a workable idea. That month that Coogan quoted is looking very short, get writing guys. The big question though is, does Alan Partridge really have an audience out there?



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