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Cop Out Red Band trailer online

CopOut.jpgIt was pretty clear that the first trailer for Cop Out didn't hit the mark, neither did the earlier change of title from A Couple of Dicks, the marketing team didn't do well at all.

Not only does it seem that they had misunderstood the film, but that they had misunderstood the director Kevin Smith too. Well that was until I saw this teaser, and maybe they haven't after all.

The new teaser is a red band, that's the U.S. terminology for it carrying the dangerous and deadly, near terrorist like, morally corruptible, bad language. Yes, swear words are the axis of all evil.

So now that's out of the way, here's the red band trailer for Cop Out. You know what to expect so it's up to you to play it or not, I'd suggest you do because it's rather funny in places, more so for seeing Bruce Willis playing it for laughs.

I'm up for some Cop Out action. There's one scene where it really does look like Willis is losing it a little, and I love that.



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