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Daredevil reboot moves forward

Daredevil.jpgFor some it might be hard to believe that Daredevil would get a second chance, much less that it deserves one, for the first outing of the character was poor. It dropped the power of the character and went all camp comic book, and failed big time.

Now though, the film really is getting a second chance as the writer David Scarpa has come on board to try and bring it back to life.

The original Daredevil film saw Ben Affleck play the character, who I thought wasn't that bad, it was the writing and direction that was terrible. I remember the opening scene where Matt Murdock, the blind lawyer who has an amazing ability to sense objects around him using his hearing, and to hear things other people just can't, is walking through his apartment and listening to a recorded message from his ex-girlfriend. In that message we get the entire introduction spelled out in an embarrassingly convoluted way. That's where I knew things weren't going to be good.

However the character of Daredevil, aka Matt Murdock, is a character that is worth exploring. He's a strong character, based in the real world, and has some great stories. Out of all the superheroes he's undoubtedly become one of my favourites.

So now he's going to get a second chance and David Scarpa, who wrote The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Last Castle, is set to bring him back to life, on paper anyway, according to The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision.

We've been hearing that Fox wanted to reboot the story on the character since 2008, and it's amazing how long it's taken just to hire a writer, but he's here and it's starting. Still, the article puts an emphasis on how fragile the project is and that it might still not get made.

I hope it does, but the big issue now is where they go with the character. Please let's not have an origins story of how he became blind and dons the suit, we'll waste a lot of time. Also, let's not send him back to school where he'll become young Daredevil. Get some guts in that studio and let's see you tackle one of the big stories that the character faced on the page.

As I've always said, the best story for them to tackle now would be Daredevil: Born Again (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) a story that sees the character complacent and slightly self-absorbed, riding high on what he has become and taking a little too much for granted. However the Kingpin pulls all that down around him, every little last thing from his private life to the life of the Daredevil, and it's from that he rises once again and has his own rebirth.

That's a perfect story to give him some background for new characters, but distance himself from the old film.

Of course it depends what Scarpa is writing, doesn't it?



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