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David Goyer to write Superman?

SupermanReturns_Poster.jpgThere's been a lot of talk about a new Superman film, but really there's not been that much action. Rumours have flown, and recently we heard that Christopher Nolan was to mentor the development of the next film – note that doesn't mean direct, write or produce. Not yet anyway.

Now there's news that David Goyer is in talks to join the new Superman project, and do note that he is still in talks.

Well that's the official word anyway, the line from The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision, but from Latino Review there's something a little different, a rumour of much more involvement from the man than that. They say he's set to write the film.

Not only that but they say that the film is to be called Man of Steel, or subtitled at least, and that the head of Legendary talked to David Goyer about restarting the series. What Goyer came up with was apparently an idea that returned to some early versions of Superman, the comic book creator John Byrne's version of the character and story, and made the superhero believable, modern and fun.

So with that David Goyer was hired for the job.

They go further with their “inside source”, and it appears that the story will have Lex Luthor and Brainiac, and that it is not an origin story, that the Daily Planet is a struggling newspaper because of the open sources of the Internet, and that the film is going to build a huge mythology for the film.

While everyone is getting excited about the film, I think it's far too early to decide anything. The idea of the villains and of the story is just that at the moment, an idea, or at least an in progress working draft of a script. Things can, and do, change all the time, and I suspect we're going to see some changes in this before we find out what's actually going to be happening in a Superman film.

Will Christopher Nolan follow suit and direct the film? I'm not sure, right now he's still mentoring, whatever that means for the project.



Superman has proven to be a difficult project to develop for quite some years now. I much loved Superman Returns and the sentimental side it showed of the character, but I think it's main problem was not being an origin story and being a continuation of the Donner movie(s).

This film will undoubtedly also be compared to it's 1978 predecessor, just as Returns was. One of the best bits of that film was watching a young Clark Kent come to terms with his earth bound powers and I think that can be improved and re-imagined better and enjoyed by morden audiences and fans alike in this new movie.


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