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Definitive DeLorean film?

JohnDeLorean.jpgThere have been three biographical films in development about John DeLorean, the famous car designer and manufacturer who was implicated in drug deals and escaped conviction by successfully defending himself and proving entrapment, but now there's a fourth, or rather a fifth, and this one is set to the be the definitive film as it gains the involvement of his daughter, Kathryn DeLorean.

While others have people he's previously worked with, this one will have the backing of the DeLorean estate, and that means access to materials that no other film will have. Or does it?

John DeLorean is perhaps most famous for the production of the car that travels through time in the Back to the Future films. If you didn't know, that's a real production car, and it was made well before it was in the film. Of course it wasn't as fast or as reliable as the one in Back to the Future, but it was as cool.

That's not all he's known for in the car world though, he worked for GM's Pontiac division and was responsible for a great many achievements, but what he was most known for was bringing the Pontiac GTO to life, widely regarded as the first American muscle car, as well as creating the Pontiac Firebird, my dream car from when I was a young boy.

The news from The Hollywood Reporter has it that a new film about the man has being written by Thomas Fenton, but as yet there's no director. DeLorean's daughter says of the project:

"Other producers have asked me to back their projects on behalf of the DeLorean estate...We felt this was the team to tell the right story the right way. This is the definitive John DeLorean movie. We wanted to ensure my father's story was handled properly; the headlines do not begin to tell the tale."

Except this may not be the definitive version, and audiences wanting to see a film about the man behind DeLorean may be disappointed, for there seems to be involvement from the DeLorean estate and family members in a number of films.

I had previously written about three other DeLorean films being in production, but since then there's been another that's surfaced.

1. Producer David Permut is developing a film.
2. Brett Ratner's company is developing an untitled film with a screenplay from James Toback.
3. XYZ Films, Time Inc. Studios and producer Tamir Ardon are developing a film from a script by Rob Warr and Alex Holmes which Holmes is set to direct, possibly called Grand Delusions. This version has the cooperation of DeLorean's son, Zachary DeLorean, the executor of the estate.
4. Jordan Livingston is developing a film called Back to the DeLorean which Kathryn DeLorean has herself contributed to.

Now I am confused. She's saying this is the definitive film and yet she's contributed to another film herself and her brother, who actually is the executor of the DeLorean estate, is working on a different film. Just how many definitive versions can there be?

To be fair the final one that Kathryn DeLorean worked on is about the car and not so much about the man himself, but she can't be making the definitive film if her brother, who controls the estate, is.

I'm confused, and I imagine when someone who wants to see the definitive DeLorean film has to chose between these, they will be too.



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