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Die Hard V coming next year?

LiveFreeDieHard.jpgBruce Willis has revealed that there could be a Die Hard film next year, although he does also reveal that the plans, if there are any, are in the early stages.

Through his own comments it's clear that there is no director, no script, and no idea for the story. Unless that is he's totally out of the loop for those decisions.

This could be a fishing expedition for Bruce Willis, but that would be surprising for a star of his stature, and for someone who is so central and invested in the Die Hard films. Let's face it they couldn't make a Die Hard film without him, although I bet you the time is not far off when they consider rebooting the franchise with a younger John McClane!

However, speaking to MTV about Cop Out, he did say that there is talk of a fifth Die Hard film and that he would be keen to do it. He says that he takes a lot of pride in doing the Die Hard films and playing John McClain and he says:

”...I think we're going to do a Die Hard 5 next year...”

However there's obviously no director yet as he also points out that he would hire Len Wiseman now, and there's no story idea as he says, in response to the question about how they would up the ante from the last film, that:

”...it's got to go worldwide...That would be my contribution to it.”

You can see the interview below, although it's very short it is some positive news about the film. Yet the question does remain, is there a fifth film in the series and in the star?

I actually think there is, for Die Hard 4.0 (Live Free or Die Hard) (Filmstalker review) was really enjoyable and managed to deliver a strong film in the franchise while realising that the character was older and incorporating that into the story. For me that was one of the strengths of the film. Instead of trying to pretend he was younger they went with it.

Would you see him doing a fifth film and with Wiseman back directing? Surely that's a yes?



i enjoy all the 'die hard films' although i think they do vary in how they present 'the action'

the third picture in particular does have a 'special quality' to it as the locations appear to take priority to allow for some awesome 'action set pieces'ie car chases...memorable climax...inventive showcase of technology in the earlier moments of the picture at the police station...

[more significantly it is the social interaction between jackson and willis which seems to raise 'the premise'and provide more dynamic to the 'drive' of the film]

the first pictures by comparison although excellent are more tightly scripted and directed...
i believe the fourth picture represents a combination of the the first three to some extent...

[perhaps the fifth should go in the same direction as the third movie in terms of placing john mcclane a bit'off centre' a bit like with with 'predator' a more creative appraoch to the character could present a 'more intriging and eventful die hard movie' rather than one just to satisy fans of the early films perhaps?...with willis playing more of the confident cowboy role role / agent as well as just the 'effective cop'...

[i always thought the villian in diehard 3 was particuarly memorable and menacing as he seemed to extent elements of the picture further into the 'forebodding unknown' in a similar way that Alan Rickman did in the memorable Prince of thieves 1991]...


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