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Disney persuades Odeon to show Alice in Wonderland

MadHatter.jpgAmazingly, Disney has managed to persuade Odeon in the UK to release Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland after saying that they were not going to allow the film in their cinemas if Disney were intent on shortening the release date between cinema and the DVD in the country.

Well the did, and so did Odeon, just like Cineworld and UCI have already agreed. What's more is that Disney still get to release the DVD sooner than normal, the issue that sparked off this entire boycott in the first place. So what's changed?

Nothing as far as can be seen. The release window is expected to remain at twelve weeks instead of seventeen, and the film will be shown unhindered in the UK. Perhaps it is another financial deal, or a promise of exclusive Disney releases, or maybe even a contractual assurance that this is merely a one off experiment and will not shorten the release dates of all films in the future?

We just don't know, and neither does the story from The Hollywood Reporter. With no statement from Disney and a standard press release indicating everyone's happy from Odean, there's nothing to go on.

The good news is that UK audiences will now see Alice in Wonderland, but what did it cost Disney? This has also set a president for cinema chains about the film, and perhaps we'll see companies saying the same to Disney in other territories where it is shortening the release window. This could cost Disney a lot of money, or something.

Regardless, the film is premièring in London this evening in an Odeon cinema, something it was going to be doing regardless of the outcome of these talks.

For the customer, that's us, it means more choice to see it in a closer screen, but it's the same old inflated price with the additional surcharge for projecting in 3D and the surcharge for the glasses to watch it with.

Cinemas are becoming like low cost airlines. Are seats and toilet facilities going to be charged for next?



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