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Edward and Mrs Simpson by Madonna?

Madonna.jpgIt almost seems too strange to be true, but it seems that Madonna is set to direct a film about the famous affair between King Edward VII and Wallis Simpson that led to the King abdicating the British throne in order to marry the woman he loved.

Madonna is also co-writing the script along with Alek Keshishian who directed Madonna's Truth or Dare. Is it just me that can't believe this is happening?

The film is to be called W.E., rather than the name the whole incident is known by, Edward and Mrs Simpson, they're going hip and creating and acronym that'll be easy to text and social media.

For a moment let's pause and remind ourselves of Madonna's previous directorial roles. Filth and Wisdom, the only one. A comedy that didn't do that well, mind you she directed and co-wrote that film too so maybe there's something learned here and she's taking another step up.

The story, for those of you who don't know, is a complex one but put simply Wallis Simpson was a two time divorcee and a bit of a socialite, and to marry her, King Edward VII had to abdicate the throne, i.e. give up the idea of being royalty and leave Britain becoming Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor. He did just that, gave up everything for her, and they lived a life of leisure, travelling the world and being viewed as celebrities in their own right.

Variety through Entertainment Weekly have the story that Madonna is set to co-write and direct the film, and they even go as far to say that without a script, Vera Farmiga is keen to play the role of Wallis Simpson. Well, as an actress I'm sure she's wanting to see the script first, after all she's probably now seen the first film, or at least her agent has.

I can't see this as a good idea, and I'd much prefer that a stronger writer and director took the story forward. There's a lot to be had in films of the Royal family, but the problem will be films that cheapen and misrepresent the real story, and here it was love over duty.

Can Madonna really create something strong? Will there be big musical moments with Madonna songs?



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