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Greengrass ends Bourne, what next?

BourneUltimatum.jpgPaul Greengrass has announced that he’s done with the Bourne franchise, done for good. No more speculation, but the Bourne franchise is over with Greengrass directing.

Now if he holds true to his word, as does Matt Damon, that means that Damon won’t be returning to the franchise either, so what does that mean?

Here’s what he said to CHUD:

“I have moved on...I finished [Green Zone] in July, had the summer off, and I came back and thought I could find a way to get engaged and make [a fourth Bourne film], [but] I thought in my head there were so many other things and films I wanted to make. I didn't have the fire in my belly. Not that I don't like Jason Bourne, not that I'm not extremely grateful to the franchise, not that I'm extremely close to the studio - there were no arguments. I didn't feel like I had anything else to contribute. It just happens with franchises; you get to a point where you feel like you've done it...

...They need to find someone else to come in to take it in a new direction I wouldn't have thought of and it will be better.”

Now Matt Damon was very clear about a few things when he last spoke about Bourne, and the main was no Paul Greengrass, no Bourne:

”Just Paul...I wouldn't do it with anybody else.”

He went on to talk about another film and it did seem as though there was a big chance of another one happening, not so according Greengrass, and if Damon’s still sticking to his guns when the studio returns with a new director and a pay offer, he’ll say no? Well that’s what he’s saying.

So if they both hold true to their words, and the studio wants more out of the franchise, because let’s face it they most definitely will, what will they do? Looking at current Hollywood trends it’s clear, it’ll be a prequel.

Now that fits nicely with what we heard Damon assuming the very same thing:

"There'll probably be a prequel of some kind with another actor and another director before we do another one…just because I think we're probably another five years away from doing it - we've got to get a script…"

Well they don’t look like they’re doing one, so say hello to a prequel and a new Bourne.



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