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How to Train Your Dragon another new trailer online

TrainYourDragon.jpgThe new How to Train Your Dragon trailer looks much better than the previous, really going for the story and injecting more drama into it than straight up comedy, however we know that comedy will be there, the last few moments show just that.

However the animation looks superb, natural and flowing, and everything has a real depth to it, and that's before we've hit the 3D. Still, I'll be watching it in 2D, for watching the trailer there are a little too many “at the camera” moments, even though they are well hidden.

How to Train Your Dragon tells the story of a colony of Vikings who have been at war with the Dragons for as long as they can remember, until a young, seemingly hapless Viking begins his Dragon fighting training and discovers that there are more to the creatures than being enemies, and that there's a chance for peace, if each side wants it.

A nice moral message to teach out kids early on, and a strong voice cast from the DreamWorks film.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies in high definition, or right here.



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