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Jolie to lead Gravity alone

AngelinaJolie.jpgSo Angelina Jolie is to star in a film called Gravity, one that is slightly reminiscent of the core of Moon (Filmstalker review) in that it's core character is alone in for the film.

It sounds an interesting premise, and a great way for an actor to show what they can do, as long as they have a good team behind them. Think of Sam Rockwell in Moon or Will Smith in I Am Legend (Filmstalker review).

Gravity is the story of a woman who is the sole survivor of a mission in space and is trying to return home to Earth for her daughter, the emotional driving force keeping her going.

What makes this story from New York Magazine more exciting is that Alfonso Cuarón is directing from a script he wrote with his son, Jonás Cuarón, and that Universal put the project into turnaround (i.e. shelved it) because it was deemed too artistically challenging (i.e. too costly). However Warner Bros. and Legendary have picked up the film and seem intent on making it work.

I'm excited about that, because Cuarón is a great writer director that can always bring something unique out in a story, look at the way Children of Men turned out, and then coupled with the superb acting talents of Angelina Jolie who will be pushed to perform and to carry the film entirely on her own performance, as Sam Rockwell did in Moon, and I think you have a fascinating combination.

It does sound like a great project already, and something that Angelina Jolie could really get her teeth into and give a career defining, or indeed award winning, performance.



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